Microsoft (MS)

MS 104 36 Hours Introduction to Windows Operating Systems

Learn the newest Windows operating system; includes desktop and file management, security, adding hardware and software, personalizing Windows XP, making connections and communicating with other people. (Apportionment)

MS 105 36 Hours Introduction to Excel

Advisory: Knowledge of Windows.

Provides a basic working knowledge of this popular spreadsheet program. Covers topics such as formulas, functions, and charting. (Apportionment)

MS 106 36 Hours Introduction to Access

Advisory: COMP 100 Introduction to Computers, MS 104 Introduction to Windows or equivalent.

Design databases using this popular software package. Includes creating tables, forms, reports and labels. Textbook Required. (Apportionment)

MS 107 36 Hours Intermediate Access

Advisory: MS 106 Introduction to Access.

Learn how to build and modify advanced tables, forms and reports. Develop proficiency in use of encrypting database files, defining relationships and defining queries. Text/disk required. Recommended proficiency in: Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Windows, Introduction to Access or equivalent. (Apportionment)

MS 119 36 Hours Introduction to PowerPoint

Learn how to create on-screen presentations using text, graphics, sound effects and movies. (Apportionment)

MS 134 36 Hours Intermediate Word

Advisory: Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Windows, Introduction to Word or equivalent.

This continuing course covers features such as mail merging, styles and templates, large documents and WordArt. Textbook purchase may be required at first class. (Apportionment)

MS 143 36 Hours Introduction to Publisher

Advisory: Recommended proficiency in COMP 100 Introduction to Computers and MS 104 Introduction to Windows.

Provides a basic working knowledge of this popular desktop publishing program. Covers topics such as flyers, newsletters, and business cards. (Apportionment)

MS 144 36 Hours Introduction to Word

Introduction to Windows or equivalent. Provides a basic working knowledge of Word. Covers topics such as formatting with fonts, paragraph alignment, indents, margins, inserting clip art bullets and numbering, columns and tables. (Apportionment)

MS 156 18 Hours Computer Bytes

This course covers various topics for Microsoft Windows on how to buy or upgrade a computer, buy and use a digital camera, use a scanner, create a slide show, and set up a home wireless network safely. (Apportionment)

MS 160 36 Hours MS Office - Overview

Learn the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access in one class. Topics include document formatting, working with graphics, basic formulas, queries and reports. This class serves as a foundation for other MS Office Courses. (Apportionment)

MS 165 36 Hours MS Excel - Power-User Skills

Advisory: MS 105 Introduction of Excel or equivalent.

This course is for people who are comfortable using MS Excel and who want to develop "power skills". Topics include computational techniques (defining names, nested IF functions, summarizing data), using Excel's database tools (tables, database operations, lookup functions), and expert skills (conditional formatting, macros). Also covered are advanced formatting techniques and shortcuts for accelerating productivity. (Apportionment)

MS 610 36 Hours Windows Operating Systems - Intermediate

Advisory: MS 104 Introduction to MS Windows or equivalent.

A second course in Windows operating environments covering more topics and techniques. This course will help you learn to communicate more effectively over the Internet, share information between programs, understand basic Windows network principles, share files, use Windows Media projects, manage hardware, backup files, and use Windows administration tools. (Apportionment)