Photography (FOTO)

FOTO 101 18 Hours Basic Photography: The Mechanics of Digital Photography

Strengthen your photographic skills. Become familiar with current equipment for digital cameras. Instruction includes composition, digital formats, lenses, f-stops and shutter speeds, electronic flash, and night photography. Discussion will include how Photoshop software impacts photography. Dave Rosenberger has taught photography for over 30 years. He has worked for Canon USA in both technical and sales capacities. He teaches photography with the North Orange County College District. (Fee-Based)

FOTO 102 18 Hours Photography: Intermediate

Sharpen your photographic skills. Become familiar with current day equipment and express your creative talents. Covers portrait photography, special effects, night-time digital photography. Field trip with instruction included. (Fee-Based)

FOTO 105 18 Hours Photography: Fundamentals

Improve your knowledge of how the camera thinks and put those tools to work. Learn the difference between F/stops and shutter speeds. Review file sizes and learn the different formats of the digital cameras. Settings, lenses, electronic flash, and computer software as tools also covered. Designed for students who just purchased or own a digital SLR camera. May bring camera to class. (Fee-Based)

FOTO 110 18 Hours Photography: Beyond the Basics

Do you know the basics of photography, but want to take your skill a step forward? Learn about studio lighting and Green Screen photography. Build digital scrapbooks to display your work. Create your own business and greeting cards. Sharpen your skills with Photoshop and HDR programs. Photodex workshop and field trip included. (Fee-Based)