Digital (DIG)

DIG 100 24 Hours Adobe After Effects

Students will get an overview of the features, techniques and effects used in Adobe After Effects. This is a most powerful editing and composition video production and effects tool, used by professionals every day, for television, video and film. (Fee-Based)

DIG 101 24 Hours Adobe Premiere Pro

Prerequisite(s): Computer Literacy.

Edit in real-time and enjoy an elegant interface. Create productions that stand-out using new professional tools such as color correction, multiple nestable timelines, keyframable effects and much more. Work with your tools of choice thanks to tight integration with leading video hardware and software. Bring DVD/Flash Drive. PC lab only. (Fee-Based)

DIG 102 24 Hours Adobe Photoshop - Beginning

Adobe Photoshop is the world's leading image editing software, and the tool of choice for computer graphic artists and web designers. Learn the basics of digital imagining, and how to use Photoshop's common tools, palettes, and commands for manipulating images and compressing them for the fastest downloads. Exercises include color corrections, image retouching, photo montaging and other uses. Discover how to alter photographs, create digital collages, and scan images. Need to know basic computer and typing skills. (Fee-Based)

DIG 103 24 Hours Adobe Illustrator - Beginning

Advisory: COMP 100 Introduction to Computers and MS 160 MS Office - Overview.

The Adobe Illustrator beginning course covers the basic concepts and techniques of computer graphics. The principles of art and design are taught in a studio setting emphasizing hands-on experience. Students create original illustrations using vector-based graphics software. (Fee-Based)

DIG 104 24 Hours Adobe Illustrator - Advanced

Prerequisite(s): DIG 103 Adboe Illustrator - Beginning or equivalent experience.

Review the basics of Illustrator and then go on to create elaborate graphics for web pages, commercial design and desktop publishing. Learn the essentials of pre-press printing technique (color separation and trapping), professional page layout tips, fundamental digital color theory and design concepts. Illustrator is a graphic artist's essential tool along with Adobe Photoshop. Bring Flash Drive. (Fee-Based)

DIG 105 24 Hours Adobe Dreamweaver - Beginning

Prerequisite(s): Knowledge of internet, operating system navigation, basic computer skills, opening/saving documents.

Learn the principles of web design and how to edit HTML documents. Integrate web graphics find resources on the Web and survey advanced techniques related to E-commerce websites. Create your own site and demo your work in last class. Bring Flash Drive. PC lab only. Textbook Required. (Fee-Based)

DIG 106 24 Hours Adobe Flash Pro - Beginning

Prerequisite(s): Knowledge of internet, operating system navigation, basic computer skills, opening/saving documents.

Students will learn how to use Flash to do web animations, interactivity and will build complete websites using only Flash. Learn basic animation, key frames, tweening, movie clips, basic action script, preparing images for web/multimedia and more! Bring Flash Drive. PC lab only. Textbook required. (Fee-Based)

DIG 109 24 Hours Adobe Photoshop - Introduction

Students will learn how to use Photoshop to do a variety of image correction, coloring, compositing, and special effects techniques for print, web and multimedia. Questions regarding visual aesthetics and design, importing digital files and output will be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to produce finished projects according to their needs and aspirations. (Fee-Based)

DIG 111 24 Hours Adobe Photoshop - Intermediate

Prerequisite(s): DIG 102 Adobe Photoshop - Beginning or equivalent experience.

Explore more professional features: working with complex masks, filters and advanced layers, professional photo editing and restoration, 3D-like rendering with gradients, and much more. Learn fundamental digital color schemes and design concepts. Bring Flash Drive. PC lab only. Textbook required. (Fee-Based)

DIG 112 24 Hours Website Design HTML 5

Prerequisite(s): Knowledge of Internet, operating system navigation, basic computer skills, opening/saving documents.

Learn the basic principles of web page construction; edit and format HTML documents. Make hyperlinks to other pages, make tables, build forms, embed and optimize images. Learn about JPG, GIF formats, create frames; learn to use Java and JavaScript, review professional web-authoring tools like Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Bring Flash Drive. PC lab only. Textbook Required. (Fee-Based)

DIG 113 24 Hours Adobe After Effects - Introduction

Advisory: DIG 101 Adobe Premiere or editing experience and familiar with Adobe Photoshop.

Express your creative ideas using After Effects CS5. Employ innovative 2D, 3D, text, and vector graphic compositing and animation tools; choose from an extensive selection of effects; and add high-quality audio. Explore a large library of creative building blocks to get you started, and take advantage of command line automation and scripting for advanced applications. Combine layers into new, visually rich alternate realities. Mask, key, motion track, color correct, paint, and perform a variety of visual effects magic with powerful, efficient, and precise tools. (Fee-Based)

DIG 114 24 Hours Adobe After Effects - Intermediate

Prerequisite(s): DIG 102 Adobe Photoshop and DIG 101 Premiere Pro.

Learn the Adobe After Effects work area; integrating video and graphic motion, creative mattes, animation, filtering, and multimedia animation. Bring DVD/Flash Drive. PC lab only. (Fee-Based)

DIG 115 24 Hours Adobe After Effects - Advanced

Prerequisite(s): DIG 114 Adobe After Effects - Introduction.

Learn advanced graphics motion and modification. Advanced key frame techniques and special effects. Students will have a choice of either a PC or MAC computer system as available. (Fee-Based)

DIG 116 24 Hours Apple Final Cut Pro

Prerequisite(s): Knowledge of MAC OS X.

2 and familiar with graphics and editing. Learn basic and advanced editing techniques. Work with clips in the viewer: trimming, adjusting and controlling numerous characteristics in video, audio, filters and motion settings. Use various methods of sequencing your videos in the Canvas/Timeline with "drag and drop" and automatic methods such as insert, overwrite, replace, fit to fill, and superimpose. Become familiar with key framing for effects, applying transitions for creative moments. Learn how to capture/create, edit and place still images and audio files. (Fee-Based)

DIG 135 24 Hours Adobe Flash Pro - Intermediate

Prerequisite(s): DIG 106 Adobe Flash Pro - Beginning.

Students must have a complete understanding of Flash basics: tweening, motion paths, the library, movie clips and basic action script. Learn to use Flash for complex web animations, special effects, and sophisticated interactivity. Learn intermediate action scripting which includes working with objects, classes, methods, properties, functions and event handlers. Controlling multiple timelines, sound effects and text will be taught as well as adding dynamic interactivity to the movie and clip. Bring Flash Drive. PC lab only. Textbook required. (Fee-Based)

DIG 151 24 Hours Adobe Indesign - Beginning

Advisory: Computer Literacy.

This course combines basic desktop publishing skills with the specifics of how to use Adobe InDesign to create visual communications. You will learn page layout tools as you are introduced to the software interface. This course teaches the fundamentals, basic commands and procedures used to create professional documents. (Fee-Based)

DIG 162 24 Hours Adobe Dreamweaver - Intermediate

Prerequisite(s): DIG 105 Adobe Dreamweaver - Beginning.

Students will build upon their beginning Dreamweaver and/or HTML skills to learn how to develop more interactive and sophisticated websites. Special emphasis will be placed on developing and linking to databases using Dreamweaver. Bring Flash Drive. PC lab only. Textbook Required. (Fee-Based)

DIG 164 24 Hours SolidWorks for the Designer - Beginning

Prerequisite(s): Computer Literacy.

Class will consist of hands-on exercises to develop 3D CAD design skills with state-of-the-art intuitive, parametric 3D CAD system. This course is designed for students with no prior knowledge of 2D or 3D CAD. The beginning course will focus on an introduction to SolidWorks and learning the basic tools to perform product design exercises for manufacturing. Bring Flash Drive. PC lab only. (Fee-Based)

DIG 165 24 Hours SolidWorks for the Designer - Intermediate

Prerequisite(s): DIG 165 SolidWorks for the Designer - Beginning.

Class will consist of hands-on exercises to develop 3D CAD design skills with state-of-the-art intuitive, parametric 3D CAD system. This course is designed for students who have completed SolidWorks (Beginning). The intermediate course will focus on achieving a more in-depth understanding of SolidWorks by implementing more advanced operations. Bring Flash Drive. (Fee-Based)

DIG 166 24 Hours Adobe Encore and Adobe Audition

Prerequisite(s): Computer literacy and knowledge of Photoshop and/or Premiere Pro.

Learn to author DVDs and output your project to all recordable DVD formats with Adobe Encore file editing software and Adobe Audition software for mixing and editing audio. Use Adobe Photoshop to create and edit menus. Output your project to all recordable DVD formats. Bring DVD/Flash Drive. PC lab only. (Fee-Based)

DIG 167 4 Hours Digital Camera Workshop

Learn how to use your digital camera. This is a one time only, 4-hour workshop to learn the basic operation of your digital camera and how to transfer your digital images to your computer. Bring camera, cable, memory card and instructions. (Fee-Based)

DIG 168 4 Hours Scanner Workshop

Learn how to use a scanner. This is a one time only, 4-hour workshop to learn how to use a scanner to copy photos, slides, negatives or drawings and store them on your computer. Bring material to copy including old photos and small 3-dimensional objects. (Fee-Based)

DIG 169 8 Hours Adobe Photoshop for Web Workshop

Advisory: Any Website Design course or Photoshop course.

For the more advanced Photoshop/WEB student. Learn how to manipulate photos for minimum download time with maximum resolution. This workshop consists of two, 4-hour classes over two consecutive Saturdays. (Fee-Based)

DIG 170 3 Hours Computer Monitoring with Spector Pro for Home or Office

Learn how to easily monitor your children's or employees' computer activities with the highly ranked sleuth software program Spector Pro 5.0 by Spectorsoft. See what they are doing on MySpace, the internet or e-mail correspondence. The most impressive feature is the "Play" function. It allows you to perform a fast slide show of the previous activities on their computer. Keystrokes are also recorded so you can learn their passwords. This is a 3-hour workshop held in our state of the art computer lab at our Anaheim Campus. (Fee-Based)

DIG 175 28 Hours Silk - Illustrator

Prior experience with Illustrator required. Intermediate to advanced techniques of Illustration using the pen tool, clipping masks, gradients, blends, and gradient meshes to create watercolor and silk painting effects. Printing to various medias, including silk will be explored. (Fee-Based)

DIG 180 24 Hours Mobile Device Game Development

An introduction of game theory and game design as it pertains to websites and mobile devices. The class will focus on action script 3D programming language with emphasis on user interaction. Course includes hands-on exercises for art asset generation, game play mechanics and audio. Textbook required. (Fee-Based)

DIG 185 4 Hours Website Development Workflow - Methods and Techniques

An introduction to modern workflow methods and techniques used in professional content creation pipelines. The class will focus on integrating multi format assets such as video, audio, vector, 3D and image sequences into a production pipeline. Overview of content management tools, and meta data tracking with an emphasis on reusable/flexible asset generation. (Fee-Based)

DIG 190 4 Hours Print on Fabric

Printing on fabric with a basic color printer and scanner using Photoshop and Illustrator texture filters to create watercolor and silk painting effects will be explored and demonstrated. Students will print from their own drawings or photos on to various media such as silk and cotton to create a scarf or quilt block. (Fee-Based)

DIG 195 8 Hours Adobe Flash Workshop - Intermediate

If you already know how to animate in Flash but want to take it to the next level this workshop is for you. We will cover intermediate to advanced tools and techniques in CS4. What makes the difference between amateurish Flash sites and professional level Flash come and find out. (Fee-Based)

DIG 200 4 Hours Adobe Photoshop Workshop

Prerequisite(s): Completion of Beginning Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

An in-depth journey into professional Photoshop techniques and workflows with an emphasis on creative techniques. (Fee-Based)

DIG 210 24 Hours Adobe Lightroom

Advisory: Knowledge of windows operating systems and experience with digital cameras and Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom helps bring out the best in your photographs, whether you're perfecting one image, seaching for ten, processing hundreds, or organizing thousands. Create images, edit with state-of-the-art nondestructive editing tools. Manage all your images. Showcase your work in elegant print layouts, slide shows, and web galleries. (Fee-Based)

DIG 215 24 Hours Adobe Illustrator - Intermediate

Advisory: Current working knowledge of beginning Adobe Illustrator or have used Adobe Illustrator in the past.

Use pen tool. This course explores more advanced vector artwork; font manipulation; isometrics; shadows and shading; and other 3-dimensional effects. (Fee-Based)

DIG 220 24 Hours Adobe Dreamweaver with PHP and MySQL - Beginning.

Advisory: Basic computer class and keyboarding class or equivalent.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is an application for web designers and developers used to create websites and applications for use across multiple targets including browsers, devices, and tablets. In this students will create a development environment for building PHP web applications with Adobe Dreamweaver and a MySQL database server. (Fee-Based)

DIG 225 24 Hours Introduction to Animation - Adobe Edge

Advisory: Basic computer, Internet, and computer graphics skills or equivalent.

This course introduces graphic animation tools that use web standards for incorporating smooth animations and interactivity into projects. The generated content can be displayed across multiple platforms such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops computers and browsers without the need for additional plugins. You will learn to create motion content in the application's timeline-based interface. This course also covers importing and keyframing web graphics and adding interactivity to projects. (Fee-Based)

DIG 230 24 Hours PHP and MySQL - Introduction

Advisory: Basic computer and keyboarding skills and basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

MySQL (TM) and PHP are two of the most popular open source technologies to emerge during the past decade. PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications. This hands-on MySQL and PHP course teaches everything you need to successfully build data-driven Web sites using MySQL and PHP. (Fee-Based)

DIG 232 24 Hours PHP and MySQL - Intermediate

Advisory: HTML 5 and CSS and DIG 230 - PHP and MySQL, Introduction.

This intermediate hands-on MySQL and PHP course teaches everything you need to successfully build data-driven Web sites using MySQL and PHP. Should know HTML and CSS. (Fee-Based)

DIG 240 24 Hours JavaScript Programming - Introduction

Advisory: Basic computer skills and knowledge of HTML and CSS fundamentals.

This course explores the fundamentals of JavaScript programming, one of the leading web development languages. Learn how to incorporate JavaScript code into HTML documents to produce stunning interactive Web pages. Students will be introduced to basic computer programming concepts including variables, operators, arrays, conditional statements, loops and functions. Hands-on exercises are performed each day to demonstrate key concepts and make web development with JavaScript fun and exciting. Bring USB Flash Drive. (Fee-Based)

DIG 242 24 Hours JavaScript Program - Intermediate

Advisory: JavaScript Programming basics, HTML and CSS fundamentals.

This course is designed for students who have a solid foundation in the basics of using and writing JavaScript (either through completion of the Intro to JavaScript course or with instructor approval). This course is an intermediate level JavaScript course, which focuses on JavaScript's object-based features, and creating practical JavaScript applications. (Fee-Based)

DIG 245 24 Hours Introduction to Programming

Designed for non-computer science students interested in programming, or developing useful problem solving skills. This course explores the relationship between programming and problem solving using programming languages. Programming using scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP, and a compiled, object-oriented language such as Java will be introduced. No prior programming experience is assumed. (Fee-Based)

DIG 255 24 Hours WordPress - Beginning

This course is designed for anyone looking to learn how to use the WordPress platform for either personal or business website use. The course covers the basics on how to use the WordPress platform including installation, content management, and configuration. The course also covers WordPress themes, plugins, and settings. Prior web publishing experience not required. Familiarity with web browsers and email is highly recommended. (Fee-Based)