Arts & Crafts (ARTC)

ARTC 136 20 Hours Cartooning & Caricaturing Made Easy

Enter as a Amateur -....Leave as a Professional!..... Learn the easy step-by-step procedures of cartooning & caricaturing from a professional cartoonist with over 45 years experience in the field. Learn how to create people, small bodies for caricaturing, animals, backgrounds, and more including inking, lettering, use of pens, brushes, perspective, and creating professional comic strips. Let us show you how! Taught by Mel Schoenberger national & international cartoonist & caricaturist. Class is for all levels of experience. Please bring an 11x14 pad of tracing paper to the first class. A supply list will be provided. Class is for those 15 years and older. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 137 20 Hours Caricaturing Made Easy

This class will tickle you from head to toe! It's easy, it's fun and rewarding. If you can draw, you can caricature. It's amazing how fast you will learn. You will learn inking, lettering, drawing small action bodies, use of equipment, creative ideas, shadowing, etc. Join in the fun and learn professional caricaturing. Taught by an international caricature cartoonist with over 45 years experience. Bring 11 x 14 tracing paper pad, pencil and eraser to first class. Additional supply list will be provided. All levels of experience are welcomed. You must be 14 years or older. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 140 12 Hours Fashion Illustration for Adults

In this class, you will learn how to draw proportional figures, faces, gesture drawings, and flats of garments. Along with how to draw collars, blouses, skits, pants, hats, and accessories. Students will learn to illustrate fashion figures using watercolors, colored pencils, markers, pen, etc. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 141 12 Hours Fashion Illustration II for Adults

Advanced level of Fashion Illustration. Learn to complete group figures with a theme. Illustrate different textures of fabric. Also create accessory and shoe illustrations and flats of garments. Recommend Fashion Illustration I prior to this class. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 145 12 Hours Costume Illustration and History of Fashion for Adults I

Learn the history of fashion then illustrate costumes and accessories using watercolors, markers, colored pencils and more. (same supplies as Fashion I and II) (Fee-Based)

ARTC 160 30 Hours Painting

Students will develop the skills of painting using their selected media. Students will apply and practice a creative approach to achieve an understanding of color, space, form, and composition. Beginning students will have assignments in acrylic paint. Intermediate/advanced students work independently with individual instructor guidance. Critique held each week. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 165 18 Hours Drawing: Basics and Beyond

Drawing is the foundation of all visual arts. Learn fundamentals of drawing in this exciting hands-on class. Acquire technical and perceptual skills while exploring properties of line, shape, value, perspective, and composition. All levels welcome. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 170 18 Hours Essentials of Painting

Get creative and discover the joys of expressing yourself with paint and brush. Course covers basic color theory and principles of good composition. Students will learn basic technique through structured assignments. Intermediate/advanced students may work independently with instructor guidance. Voluntary, supportive critiques given at end of each class. Materials list provided at first class meeting. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 173 18 Hours Drawing Fundamentals

Acquire the fundamental concepts and skills to visually express yourself through drawing. The course will cover drawing theory and basic skills development in contour drawing, shading and composition. Students will complete one to three drawings. Materials list given at first class meeting. All levels welcome. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 175 30 Hours Drawing: Basics and Beyond

This course will emphasize the perceptual and technical skill of manipulating drawing materials using observational and drawing methodologies. Fundamental concepts in visual problem solving strategies will be emphasized. Each term will wrap around a theme such as landscape, portraiture, light and texture, etc. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 180 30-36 Hours Drawing for Beginners

This drawing class covers the fundamental drawing techniques for beginning students. It also aims to inspire the more experienced students to experiment and develop their true potential of artistic talents with demonstrations and practical tips by the instructor. All levels welcome. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 185 30-36 Hours Watercolor Painting

This watercolor class covers the fundamental watercolor techniques for beginning students. The instructor will offer intensive and practical instruction and step-by step demonstration. In this supportive and friendly classroom environment will also inspire the more experienced students to experiment and develop their own unique form of expression. All levels welcome. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 190 16 Hours Still-life Art Workshop for Teens and Adults (Ages 15+)

This course will teach students how to draw and paint still-life in three different styles. Students will explore the artwork of three prominent artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, and Wayne Thiebaud. This course is designed to teach various art techniques, art movements, painting styles, and to strengthen observation skills. Painting subjects include: flowers, fruit and desserts. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 200 36 Hours Nylon Fabric Flower Design I

This course teaches students how to create chiffon/nylon stocking flowers. The students will learn how to plan and create beautiful, artistic, realistic-looking flowers for all kinds of arrangements. The materials are provided and the tools will be available to students during the course. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 220 36 Hours Origami 3-D Designs

This course provides training in three-dimensional origami design. Origami is the traditional art of paper folding from Japan. The goal of the class is to transform flat sheets of paper into finished three-dimensional sculptures through traditional folding and sculpting techniques. Students will create beautiful birds, animals, baskets, and containers. (Fee-Based)

ARTC 225 33 Hours Painting with Pastels

This class teaches students to paint with pastels and charcoal. Content includes instruction regarding color, value and pastel techniques. Compositions are student-selected, composed, and created with instruction. Beginning to advanced students are welcomed. (Fee-Based)