Educational Enrichment (EDEN)

EDEN 100 24 Hours Senior Topics For Older Adults

This course presents older adults with various topics for discussion and class activities based on the students' individual interest, backgrounds, physical and mental abilities. Older adults are encouraged to share and compare life experiences, and learn about international, national and local events and issues from a current and historical viewpoint. (Apportionment)

EDEN 550 24 Hours Intergenerational: Life Review for Older Adults

This course for older adults and participants of multiple generations will explore, celebrate, and share their life histories with other class participants through personal interviews, with the older adult students, completing a family tree chart, and participating a life-layers activity. Relationships across generations are encouraged through interactive class projects and activities. (Apportionment)

EDEN 600 24 Hours Intergenerational: Learning Connection for Older Adults

This class provides older adults and participants of multiple generations the opportunity to gain understanding and appreciation for themselves and others through various interactive class activities and projects. Older adults students are encouraged to explore different perspectives by comparing and contrasting the past, present, and future from different generational viewpoints. (Apportionment)

EDEN 605 2 Hours Voice-Overs...Now is Your Time!

This course will show individuals how they can begin to use their speaking voice for commercials, films, videos, and more. (Fee-Based)

EDEN 640 12 Hours Genealogy 101 - First Steps to Family Heritage

This course is designed for participants to develop a plan to document their family history through genealogy. (Fee-Based)