Fitness (FITN)

FITN 105 6-36 Hours Kung Fu San Soo

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced

Introduction to the marital art of San Soo (Tsoi-Li-Hoi-Fut) Kung Fu. Covers defensive techniques and principles of leverage, throws, kicks, holds and more. (Fee-Based)

FITN 110 8 Hours Self Defense for Women

Learn to defend yourself and react to various situations. Include a review of anatomy (vital points). (Fee-Based)

FITN 116 8 Hours Women's Self Defense

Students will learn effective, easy to apply, self-defense techniques with hands-on practice with attack simulations and other application exercises for crime prevention and awareness. Class will include an overview of all vital and non-vital striking points of human anatomy. For women of all ages and body types. (Fee-Based)

FITN 209 6-36 Hours Tennis - Intermediate/ Advanced (Coed)

Students will practice skills learned in beginning tennis and further refine tennis skill. Bring racquet and one can of new tennis balls. (Fee-Based)

FITN 210 6-36 Hours Tennis - Beginning (Coed)

Students will learn forehand, backhand, approach shot, serve and volley, plus some footwork. Bring racquet and one can of new tennis balls. (Fee-Based)

FITN 355 18 Hours Yoga for Health

This course will cover Yoga postures and deep breathing designed to help bring about relaxation, stress reduction, improvement of flexibility, balance, concentration, and strength. Yoga for Health is presented as a method of personal development encompassing body mind and spirit. Please bring a yoga mat, towel and water. (Fee-Based)

FITN 360 4 Hours Swimming - Adults Beginning

Want to learn to swim? These swim lessons for adults are provided in a small group setting. Water safety emphasized. (Fee-Based)

FITN 365 6-8 Hours Full Body Stretch

Take one hour to stretch your body from head to toe. Improve your posture, circulation and general feeling of well being through a full body stretch. (Fee-Based)

FITN 370 8-12 Hours ZUMBA® Fitness

The ZUMBA® fitness program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that feels more like a party than a work out. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. (Fee-Based)

FITN 373 8-12 Hours ZUMBA® Sentao

This is an active ZUMBA® exercise and fitness class that uses ZUMBA® routines and chair-based choreography to strengthen balance, stabilize the core, and elevate the standard ZUMBA® cardio workout. (Fee-Based)

FITN 374 8-12 Hours ZUMBA® Toning

ZUMBA® Toning workout emphasizes muscle group work along with traditional ZUMBA® rhythms choreography and dance moves. The use of the lightweight maraca-like Toning Sticks enhance rhythm and movement. (Fee-Based)

FITN 375 8-12 Hours ZUMBA Gold Fitness

ZUMBA® Gold is a series of fitness programs specifically designed to take the exciting Latin and International dance rhythms created in the original ZUMBA® and bring them to the active older adult, the beginner participant, and other special populations that may need modifications for success. (Fee-Based)

FITN 410 6-48 Hours Total Body Workout

This course provides an opportunity to improve overall fitness in an open entry self paced fitness lab. Life Fitness equipment for a cardiovascular workout and free weights for strength training will improve or maintain health. Participants develop an individual fitness plan. (Fee-Based)

FITN 415 6-36 Hours High/Low Impact Aerobics

Low impact, high intensity cardiovascular exercise set to music. Class is coed. Hand weights are encouraged along with a towel or mat for floor exercises. Any materials are the student's responsibility. (Fee-Based)

FITN 425 6-36 Hours Cardio Kickboxing

Class focuses on cardiovascular conditioning through aerobic exercise, including kicks, lunges, squats and punch movements. Improve your cardiovascular and muscular fitness through this vigorous workout. Please bring a towel and bottle of water. (Fee-Based)

FITN 430 6-36 Hours Aerobics/Cardio Kickboxing

Improve your cardiovascular and muscular fitness through this low impact, high intensity aerobic workout followed by a second hour of cardio kickboxing conditioning with kicks, lunges, squats and punch movements. Please bring 2-5lb. hand weights, a mat, water, and a towel to this coed class. (Fee-Based)

FITN 440 6-48 Hours Kenpo Karate


Course includes basic self-defense techniques, kicking, striking, blocking and fighting stances. Theory of techniques, inlcuding principles of power and body alignment are used to enhance student's understanding. (Fee-Based)

FITN 442 6-48 Hours Kenpo Karate


This course will include basic self-defense techniques, kicking, striking, blocking and fighting stances. For repeating students more advanced skills are presented. Class provides an aerobic workout and pilates exercise program. (Fee-Based)

FITN 444 6-48 Hours Kenpo Karate


Course covers medium impact training, aerobic workout and pilates exercise program. Intermediate level self-defense skills, techniques and theory presented. Three trimesters of beginning level class recommended before enrolling in intermediate class. (Fee-Based)

FITN 446 6-36 Hours Kenpo Karate


Course provides advanced impact training, heavy aerobic workout and advanced pilates exercise program. Advanced level self-defense skills, techniques and theory presented. Three trimesters of intermediate level class recommended before enrolling in the advanced class. (Fee-Based)

FITN 450 6-48 Hours Judo, Jujitsu and Self-Defense


Self-defense class for beginners teaches coordination and quick reflexes; build stamina, speed and strength. Includes all phases of judo and karate throws and free sparring. Learn to protect yourself. (Fee-Based)

FITN 455 6-72 Hours Judo, Jujitsu and Self-Defense


Improve your coordination, reflexes, stamina, speed and strength while improving cardiovascular function. Intermediate to advanced skill level self-defense classes includes all phases of judo and karate throws and free sparring as well as self-defense simulations. One year of beginning level class recommended. (Fee-Based)

FITN 460 9-40 Hours Kung Fu San Soo

Kung Fu San Soo is well known as the "thinking persons" martial art. All students at any fitness level will benefit from study. San Soo is considered to be one of the original complete fighting systems. Students learn to utilize body dynamics to control punches, kicks, leverages, flips, throws and ground techniques. Benefits include enhanced physical well-being, self-control and awareness. Join in one of the oldest traditional martial arts in existence today. (Fee-Based)

FITN 465 18-36 Hours Yoga for Relaxation

This course is designed for all levels of yoga students. The class will focus on flexibility, breathing and gentle stretching. This class encourages a non-competitive, restorative setting. Students should bring a sticky mat and a towel. Class will end with a quiet meditative period. (Fee-Based)

FITN 470 12-24 Hours Aqua Aerobics

Increase your cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and endurance and flexibility while reducing the chance of injury using the resistance of water. This class is designed for students of various ages and fitness levels. (Fee-Based)

FITN 472 12-24 Hours Lap Swimming

This class is designed for students who want to improve their endurance, strength and technique through lap swimming. Must demonstrate ability to swim. (Fee-Based)

FITN 475 12-24 Hours Pilates Mat Class

This course focuses on strengthening, lengthening, and toning all core muscle groups. This course is a step beyond Yoga. Pilates is a series of body movements designed to strengthen the back, and abs as your core. Students will be taken through a timeline of body movements that will reach and tone every muscle in the body while increasing balance, and strength. Bring a mat to class. (Fee-Based)

FITN 480 18 Hours Stretch, Relax, and Breathe

This class is designed to increase muscle flexibility, circulation, strength and promote relaxation by learning various stretching exercises including reciprocals and yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, dance exercises and Pilates based techniques. (Fee-Based)

FITN 485 12-24 Hours Self-Defense for Seniors

Improve your coordination, reflexes, stamina, speed and strength while improving cardiovascular function. Self-defense classes include all phases of Karate, Judo and Jujitsu throws and free sparring as well as self-defense simulations. (Fee-Based)

FITN 490 24-48 Hours Wheelchair Basketball

The course includes instruction and participation in the fundamentals of wheelchair basketball. The course is expressly designed for, but not limited to, those students with permanent disability of the lower extremities who are therefore unable to participate in regular able-bodied athletics. The emphasis is on rules, safety, with specific skill development in wheelchair basketball leading to competition in California and U.S. wheelchair basketball programs. (Fee-Based)

FITN 500 15 Hours Tai Chi for Healthy Living

In this course students are introduced to the principles of Tai Chi with an emphasis on the benefits associated with healthy living. Learn the psychological and physical health benefits of Tai Chi, as well as the history, techniques and philosophy of the various Tai Chi forms. (Fee-Based)

FITN 505 24 Hours Capoeira Fitness

Capoeira is a unique martial art from Brazil. It is a blend of movement, music, and fitness. It is an energetic martial art that supports both physical and mental empowerment. (Fee-Based)

FITN 510 10 Hours Aqua ZUMBA®/Aqua Fit

This course combines two ZUMBA® components into one water-based class. The class is made of energetic fitness moves conducted with the added buoyancy and flexibility that a water-based workout affords. The blending of the two formats burns body fat, builds muscle tone, and overall definition by integrating traditional aqua fitness. disciplines. (Fee-Based)

FITN 515 10-15 Hours PiYo Workout

PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. PiYo delivers a true fat-burning, low-impact workout. Class introduces dynamic, flowing sequences that both lengthen and tone muscles and increase flexibility. (Fee-Based)