Consumer Ed (CNED)

CNED 114 24 Hours Personal Journal Writing for Older Adults

Personal journal writing is a literary art form and a skill that facilitates creativity and self discovery which results in a written record of the older adult student's life journey. Older Adults students will learn techniques for releasing the inner writer and developing the art of storytelling through concepts of myth, images and metaphors using the viewpoint and experience of older adults. (Apportionment)

CNED 204 24 Hours ABC's of Financial Planning for Older Adults

This course is designed for older adult students from all walks of life who would like to create or improve their financial plan. This course covers typical questions older adults individuals have regarding financial security, assessing weaknesses in financial planning, and the differences between IRA's, 401K's, 457's, 403B's, and more. (Apportionment)

CNED 235 36 Hours Professional Business Etiquette

This class will empower you to present yourself with confidence and authority. Topics covered include dining skills, introductions, how to make an entrance, remembering names, handshaking, conversation & listening skills. (Fee-Based)

CNED 245 10 Hours Career Search Strategies

Our role is to provide you with the tools and training to conduct a highly effective job search program. This includes a customized job search game plan, a self assessment of your career strengths, effective self presentation strategies and negotiating recommendations to maximize your earnings. (Fee-Based)

CNED 250 40 Hours Novel Writing and Memoirs

A practical, hands-on course to help writers polish their manuscripts and learn skills necessary for publishing both novels and memoirs. Student manuscripts will be critiqued in detail. Students will receive lessons in plot, common mistakes, characterization, beginnings - plus query letters and synopses. (Fee-Based)

CNED 255 2 Hours Simplifying Your Life through Organization

This course focuses on home organization to bring the benefits of a simpler life. In this class students will learn several practical and real-world strategies to get their complete home in order. The course begins with organizing basics and then applies the basic strategies to kitchen, bedroom, office and storage. (Fee-Based)