Sign Language (SIGN)

SIGN 001 36 Hours Sign Language - SEE Level 1

This course gives an overview of the Signing Exact English (SEE) model of sign language. Students will explore the philosophy and rationale of the sign system while developing both expressive and receptive delivery skills. It is designed to introduce students to a 700 word working vocabulary and to prepare them to continue on to Sign Language - SEE Level 2/3. (Fee-Based)

SIGN 002 36 Hours Sign Language - SEE Level 2/3

Students will acquire approximately 1,000 additional signs and will improve expressive and receptive fluency with both signs and fingerspelling. Students will continue to address the rationale and philosophy of using the English sign model: Signing Exact English. (Fee-Based)

SIGN 010 36 Hours Educational Interpreting Practicum

Advisory: Completion of three levels of sign instruction in SEE, PSE, or ASL or be currently working in a K-12 educational setting and seeking state certification or by instructor approval.

This course allows students to build educational interpreting skills for service to the elementary, middle, and high school settings. (Fee-Based)

SIGN 020 24 Hours Sign Language for Parents

This is a beginning level Signed English sign language course for parents of elementary school-aged Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. (Fee-Based)