Creative Arts (CRAE)

CRAE 100 24 Hours Creative Arts for Older Adults

This class for older adults encourages art appreciation, self-expression, and creativity through a variety of art media. Projects are designed to expose older adult students to artistic design, and to give experience with different artistic methods, techniques, tools, and materials. (Apportionment)

CRAE 101 24 Hours Ceramics for Older Adults

This course in basic ceramics for older adults includes lecture, demonstration and application of ceramic artwork. Student will learn mold selection, glazing, decorating techniques, and proper firing procedures. Will learn mold selection, glazing, decorating techniques, and proper fixing procedures. Individual artistic creativity is encouraged and completed art projects of the older adult student are often displayed publicly. (Apportionment)

CRAE 103 24 Hours China Painting for Older Adults

Older adults will learn the fundamentals of china painting as presented to older adult students through demonstration and individual instruction. The older adult students will learn techniques such as brush strokes, blending, shading, grounding, and masking. Final class projects are heirloom quality artworks that may be displayed in a community art exhibit. exhibit. (Apportionment)

CRAE 104 24 Hours Needlecrafts, Knitting, Crochet for Older Adults

Older adult students will learn the practical application, knowledge, and skills required to create knitted, crocheted, needlepoint, and cross-stitched hand-made items. A wide variety of items are created, by older adult students, including decorations for the home and clothing for babies, children and adults. (Apportionment)

CRAE 105 24 Hours Painting for Older Adults

This class offers older adults an individualized approach to learning painting and artistic expression at their own pace and within their interest and style. Older adult will learn techniques in drawing, brush strokes, and color mixing and application. (Apportionment)

CRAE 106 24 Hours Quilting for Older Adults

This course offers the essentials of quilting, for older adults students, which includes fabric selection, cutting, and sewing methods along with the history and vocabulary of the craft. Special techniques for older adults are covered such as patchwork, applique, hand and machine methods, and finishing techniques. (Apportionment)

CRAE 215 16 Hours Scrapbooking Design and Techniques

Students will make personalized scrapbook pages. This is an introductory course for beginners who want to learn about design and several techniques. Projects include metal embellishments, paper flowers, and transfers. Learn how to incorporate the principles and elements of art and design to create captivating layouts for your memories. (Fee-Based)

CRAE 310 24 Hours Intergenerational: Creative Arts Exchange for Older Adults

Older adults along with participants of multiple generations create artistic legacy keepsakes that reflect the individual histories of older adults, lifetime memories, and personal creative expression. Class projects are designed to encourage mutual appreciation and connections among older adult students and participants of varying age groups. (Apportionment)

CRAE 315 24 Hours Beginning Drama for Older Adults

This course is designed to introduce older adult students to the world of drama and to the theatrical creative process. Students are encouraged to experiment and develop personal performance skills as well as gain an understanding of drama through participation and practice critiques. (Apportionment)

CRAE 320 30 Hours Basic Drawing

This course will begin with basic skill development in contour drawing, shading, creating texture, basic composition and perspective. The drawing medium will include graphite, charcoal and ink. A short lecture/demonstration is followed by a related drawing assignment. (Fee-Based)

CRAE 325 30 Hours Watercolor

This course is designed for beginning to intermediate watercolor. Lecture/demonstration is followed by guided lab session. Among the subjects covered will be materials, washes, glazes, color theory, etc. There are voluntary, supportive critiques at the end of each class. (Fee-Based)

CRAE 332 30 Hours Tole Painting and Decorative Artwork - Intermediate

The course offers students the opportunity to build on the basic skills learned in basic Tole and Decorative classes. The course includes the use of acrylic paint, discussion of strokes and techniques, and projects utilizing a variety of surfaces including tin, wood, porcelain and furniture. Some painting experience is necessary for this class. (Fee-Based)

CRAE 340 24 Hours Silk Painting

This is a course to learn silk painting with the Serti technique where designs are outlined with gutta or resist on stretched white silk. (Fee-Based)

CRAE 345 10 Hours Recycled Materials Become a Tote Bag

This course is designed to teach students basic sewing techniques and to create a reuseable tote bag all while learning about recycling and reusing materials in our everyday lives. Students will make a functional reuseable bag that can be used as a beach tote, grocery/shopping bag, and a diaper or book bag. (Fee-Based)

CRAE 350 16 Hours Art Appreciation: Looking and Learning

This course takes students on an educational journey to the world of art and the artist. Students will learn about different periods of art, about the lives of the artists, and the world in which they lived that inspired their work. (Fee-Based)

CRAE 355 4 Hours Paint Night Art Workshop

Come join us for fun with paint, snacks, and friends!! A professional Artist will lead our group to recreate the workshop's featured painting while we enjoy music, snacks, and socialize with others. Each workshop is different and focuses on a different artist and famous painting. Easy to follow instructions. All supplies are included. Take home finished painting. No experience necessary! (Fee-Based)

CRAE 360 24 Hours Combine Painting

In this fun, hands-on class, students will develop skills combining painting techniques with various three-dimensional objects, photographs, newspaper, fabric, etc., to create hybrids of painting and sculpture. Lecture and demonstration will be followed by assignments. (Fee-Based)