How to Transfer to a Four-Year College

Each college or university has its own admission standards and curriculum requirements. Students should decide as soon as possible on the transfer school in order to identify the courses that must be completed and the grades that must be achieved prior to transfer. In general, students who attend Cypress College may transfer to a four-year college or university without loss of time or credits if, while in attendance, they accomplish the following:

  • Satisfy the lower-division general education requirements prescribed by the transfer institution.
  • Fulfill the lower-division major requirements prescribed by the transfer institution.
  • Remove any subject or grade deficiencies incurred in high school, if required by the transfer institution for admission.
  • Complete a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 70 transferable units.
  • Maintain the appropriate GPA required by the transfer institution.

Grades are the best indicator of success in academic work. A grade of C or better in all transfer courses is a requirement for transfer to most four-year colleges. Grades in the major should be significantly higher. Students should confer with a counselor for the specific requirements of the school of their choice. The following links below indicate the general education transfer requirements for those colleges and universities most frequently utilized by Cypress College students. These transfer agreements are subject to an ongoing review and revision by the transfer institutions. The transfer agreements listed in the links below represent agreements at the time of publication. Students should contact a counselor or the transfer institution of their choice for current information.

Cal-State University General Education Breadth: CSU GE

UC Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum: IGETC