Advanced Placement Fullerton College Associate Degree General Education

Fullerton College grants General Education (GE) credit for successful completion of the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. Students who completed AP examinations with a score of 3, 4, or 5 may receive General Education credit in the appropriate Fullerton College Associate Degree GE and major if applicable. It is the student’s responsibility to petition for credit through the Admissions and Records Office. Once AP credit is posted to the student’s transcript, it cannot be removed.

NOTE: The posting of AP credit for courses on the Fullerton College transcript does not ensure their transferability to four-year schools. Each college and university grants AP credit according to its own policy. In some cases, Fullerton College will grant more units of credit (in other cases, fewer units of credit) for transfer admission purposes. AP credit for the major frequently requires higher scores or may not be accepted at all. Students planning to transfer should consult the catalog(s) of the transfer institution(s) to determine how AP credit is granted for the purpose of admission, general education and the specific major prior to petitioning for credit.

AP Examination Credit Allowed Units AA/AS GE
Art History ART 112 F and ART 113 F 6 C1
Art (Studio Art: Drawing) ART 182 F 3 C1
Art (Studio Art: 2D Design) --- 3 ---
Art (Studio Art: 3D Design) --- 3 ---
Biology BIOL 101 F 5 B1
Chemistry CHEM 107 F 5 B1
Chemistry (Score of 5) CHEM 111AF 5 B1
Chinese Language and Culture CHIN 101 F and CHIN 102 F 10 C2
Economics — Micro ECON 101 F 3 D1
Economics — Macro ECON 102 F 3 D1
English Language and Composition ENGL 100 F 4 A1
English Literature and Composition ENGL 100 F and ENGL 102 F 7 A1 and C2
Environmental Science 4 B1
French Language and Culture FREN 101 F and FREN 102 F 10 C2
German Language and Culture GERM 101 F and GERM 102 F 10 C2
Government and Politics (U.S.) POSC 100 F 3 D1
Government and Politics (Comparative) POSC 215 F 3 D1
History (U.S.) HIST 170 F and HIST 171 F 6 C2 and D1
History (European) HIST 110 F and HIST 111 F 6 C2 and D1
History (World) HIST 112 F and HIST 113 F 6 C2 and D1
Human Geography 3 D1
Italian Language and Culture ITAL 101 F and ITAL 102 F 10 C2
Japanese Language and Culture JAPN 101 F and JAPN 102 F 10 C2
Latin 3 C2
Mathematics (Calculus AB) MATH 151 F 4 B2
Mathematics (Calculus BC) MATH 151 F and MATH 152 F 8 B2
Mathematics (Calculus BC/AB Subscore) MATH 151 F 4 B2
Mathematics (Statistics) MATH 120 F 4 A2 or B2
Music Theory --- 3 C1
Physics 1 4 B1
Physics 2 4 B1
Physics (C: Mechanics) (Score of 5) PHYS 210 F or PHYS 221 F 4 B1
Physics (C: Electricity and Magnetism) (Score of 5) PHYS 211 F or PHYS 222 F 4 B1
Psychology PSY 101 F 3 D2
Spanish Language and Culture SPAN 101 F and SPAN 102 F 10 C2
Spanish Literature and Culture SPAN 205 F and SPAN 206 F 6 C2
CLEP Examination Credit Allowed Units AA/AS GE
College Composition Exam (Score of 50 or higher)1 ENGL 100 F 4 A1

Equivalency for courses not listed above will be determined by the appropriate academic department.

Using Advanced Placement to Satisfy CSU Eligibility and CSU GE

Transfer students may earn general education or lower division major credits by taking an AP in place of a course. The CSU faculties have determined the passing scores, minimum units of credit earned, and certification area (for General Education Breadth and/or U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideas) of AP.

Note that each campus in the California State University system determines how it will apply external examinations toward credit in the major. For students not already certified in GE and/or American Institutions, the campus also determines how to apply credit from such exams toward the local degree requirements.

Using Advanced Placement to Satisfy UC Eligibility and IGETC

The University of California grants credit for all College Board AP Tests on which a student scores 3, 4, or 5. Students should be aware that college courses taken may duplicate the content of AP examinations. The University may not award credit for both the course and the AP exam.

Each exam listed below may be used in lieu of one course to satisfy one UC “a-g” Freshman Subject Area, one UC Transfer Subject Area replacement or one Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) area and the area 6A (Language other than English) proficiency level as listed. In some cases, satisfaction of requirements or credit toward specific requirements is also awarded by the campuses. Consult or the campus regarding issues about how AP credit is granted for each major in each department. New AP exams will be reviewed as they are developed and included on the chart where appropriate.

The AP information on this page is for credit towards Fullerton College Associate Degree General Education. AP information for IGETC and CSU GE are located in the following pages.