Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education Requirement

Select ONE course from the following to meet graduation requirements for Associate in Arts and/or Associate in Science degrees

AJ 278 F Multicultural Issues within Administration of Justice3
ANTH 102 FCultural Anthropology3
ANTH 102HFHonors Cultural Anthropology (beg F06)3
ANTH 105 FLanguage and Culture (beg F99)3
ANTH 105HFHonors Language and Culture (beg F22)3
ANTH 107 F Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft and Religion3
or ANTH 107HF Honors Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
ANTH 209 FCultures of Latin America (beg F21)3
ANTH 209HF Honors Cultures of Latin America (beg F22)3
ANTH 215 F Global Issues in Anthropological Perspective3
ARTH 120 F Asian Art History (formerly ART 212 F) (beg F22)3
ARTH 135 F Latin America - Mexican Art History (formerly ART 116 F) (beg F22)3
ARTH 140 F Latin America - Ancient/Indigenous Art History (formerly ART 213 F) (beg F22)3
BUS 131 F Principles of International Business (beg F98)3
BUS 242 FInternational Business Law3
CDES 210 F Anti-Bias Perspective and Diversity Seminar (beg F14)3
CRTV 126AFWorld Cinema to 1945 (beg F00)3
CRTV 126BFWorld Cinema 1946 to Present (beg F00)3
COMM 120 FIntercultural Communication3
COUN 152 FDiversity in the World of Work3
DANC 210 F Multicultural Dance in the U.S. Today (beg F03)3
ENGL 239 F Survey of Children's Literature (beg F97)3
ENGL 240 F Survey of Young Adult Literature3
ENGL 249 FSurvey of Chicano/a Literature (beg F10)3
ENGL 253 F Introduction to Asian American Literature3
ETHS 101 FAmerican Ethnic Studies3
or ETHS 101HF Honors American Ethnic Studies
ETHS 111 FWomen of Color in the U.S.3
ETHS 111HF Honors Women of Color in the U.S. (beg F22)3
ETHS 129 F Introduction to African-American Studies (beg F19)3
ETHS 129HF Honors Introduction to African American Studies (beg F22)3
ETHS 130 FAfrican-American History I (beg F19)3
ETHS 130HF Honors African-American History I (beg F22)3
ETHS 131 FAfrican-American History II (beg F19)3
ETHS 150 F Introduction to Chicana/o Studies (formerly ETHS 140 F)3
ETHS 151 F Chicana/o History I (formerly ETHS 141 F)3
ETHS 152 F Chicana/o History II (formerly ETHS 141 F)3
ETHS 153 F Chicana/o and Latina/o Contemporary Issues (formerly ETHS 142 F)3
or ETHS 153HF Honors Chicana/o and Latina/o Contemporary Issues
ETHS 159 F Introduction to American Indian Studies3
ETHS 160 F American Indian History (formerly History of the Native Americans)3
ETHS 162 FIntro Fed Indian Law Policy3
ETHS 170 F Introduction to Asian Pacific Islander American Studies (beg F20)3
ETHS 171 F Asian Pacific Islander American History (beg F20)3
ETHS 202 F Race, Ethnicity and Popular Culture3
ETHS 210 FEths Studies Educators Seminar3
ETHS 211 FEths Studies Educator Capstone3
ETHS 235 F Contemporary Social Justice Movements3
or ETHS 235HF Honors Contemporary Social Justice Movements
FASH 244 FEthnic Costume3
FOOD 130 FCultural Aspects of Food3
GEOG 100 FGlobal Geography3
GEOG 100HFHonors Global Geography (beg F97)3
GEOG 160 FCultural Geography3
HIST 110 F Western Civilizations to 1550 (formerly Western Civilization I) (beg F00)3
HIST 110HF Honors Western Civilizations to 1550 (formerly Western Civilization II) (beg F06)3
HIST 111 F Western Civilizations Since 1550 (formerly Western Civilization II) (beg F00)3
HIST 111HF Honors Western Civilizations Since 1550 (formerly Honors Western Civilization II) (beg F06)3
HIST 112 F World Civilizations to 1550 (formerly World Civilizations I) (beg F99)3
or HIST 112HF Honors World Civilizations to 1550 (formerly Honors World Civilizations I)
HIST 113 F World Civilizations Since 1550 (formerly World Civilizations II) (beg F99)3
or HIST 113HF Honors World Civilizations Since 1550 (formerly Honors World Civilizations II)
HIST 154 FAncient Egypt (beg F11)3
HIST 165 F Introduction to the Middle East (beg F12)3
HIST 165HF Honors Introduction to the Middle East (beg F13)3
HIST 191 F History of the Americas II (formerly HIST 162BF)3
HIST 270 F Women in United States History (beg F02)3
JOUR 271 F Introduction to Spanish-Language Reporting (beg F15)3
MKT 205 F Understanding Multicultural Markets in U.S. (beg F03)3
PE 250 FSports and Society (beg F99)3
PHIL 105 FWorld Religions (beg F98)3
or PHIL 105HF Honors World Religions
PHIL 200 F Introduction to Christianity (beg F21)3
PHIL 225 F The American Religious Experience (beg F19)3
PHIL 270 F Introduction to Asian Religions (beg F98)3
PLEG 227 FInternational Law3
POSC 250 FGender and Politics3
PSY 131 FCross Cultural Psychology (beg F03)3
SOC 101 F Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 101HF Honors Introduction to Sociology (beg F03)3
SOC 102 FSocial Problems (beg F99)3
SOC 230 FSociology of Gender (beg F20)3
or SOC 230HF Honors Sociology of Gender
SOC 275 F Marriage and Family (beg F10)3
or SOC 275HF Honors Marriage and Family
SOC 277 FSociology of Religion3
or SOC 277HF Honors Sociology of Religion
SOC 280 FMedia, Culture and Society3
SOC 290 F Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (beg F14)3
SOC 290HF Honors Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SOC 295 FSocial Inequality3
SOSC 130 FIntroduction to LGBTQ Studies3
SPAN 206 F Introduction to Latin American Literature (beg F03)3
THEA 108 F Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre (beg F98)3
WMNS 100 F Introduction to Women's Studies (beg F20)3
or WMNS 100HF Honors Introduction to Women's Studies