General Education Statement of Philosophy

General Education Requirements at Fullerton College are designed to introduce students to the variety of means through which people comprehend the modern world. They reflect the conviction of this College that those who receive their degrees must possess in common certain basic principles, concepts, and methodologies both unique to and shared by the various disciplines. College-educated persons should be able to use this knowledge when evaluating and appreciating the physical environment, the culture, and the society in which they live. Most importantly, these requirements should lead to better self-understanding and active involvement in examining values inherent in proposed solutions to major social problems.

The subject matter presented in General Education courses at Fullerton College is designed to be general, broad, and frequently introductory rather than specialized, narrow, or advanced. These General Education courses form a pattern of learning experiences designed to provide educational opportunities that:

  • Offer instruction and training in the scientific method of problem solving while gaining knowledge in the biological, physical, and environmental sciences.
  • Provide an atmosphere for the understanding of self and the desire to pursue self-development through the use of the social, political, economic, historical, and behavioral components of human interaction.
  • Foster an appreciation of the cultural heritage as illustrated in language, literature, philosophy, and fine arts.
  • Develop reading, writing, speaking, listening, analytical thinking, mathematics, and computational and technical skills necessary for the acquisition and use of knowledge.