Dance Associate in Arts Degree


The Dance Associate in Arts Degree is designed to provide students with a foundational dance education emphasizing dance technique and performance complimented by integrated studies in choreography, dance production, repertory, dance appreciation and conditioning that will prepare them to transfer as dance majors for an advanced degree or to teach, choreograph, and perform at various community and private venues. Additionally the dance training will contribute to the student’s development of management skills, collaboration strategies and aesthetics. This degree requires a total of 28-30 units.

Required Courses (25-27 units):
DANC 100 FDance Appreciation3
or DANC 120 F Dance History
or DANC 210 F Multicultural Dance in the U.S. Today
DANC 102 FConditioning for Dance2
DANC 112 FJazz II2
DANC 141 F Ballet I: Beginning Ballet2
DANC 142 F Ballet II: Advanced Beginning Ballet2
DANC 143 F Ballet III: Intermediate Ballet2
DANC 162 F Advanced Beginning Modern Dance (formerly DANC 108 F)2
or DANC 163 F Intermediate Modern Dance
DANC 200 F Dance Appreciation: A Classical Ballet Retrospective3
DANC 202 FDance Composition/Choreography3
DANC 203 FDance Production2-3
or DANC 204 F Dance Rehearsal and Performance
DANC 214 FDance Repertory2-3
or DANC 205 F Dance Ensemble
Restricted Electives - Select from the following (3 units):3
Tap Dance I1
Tap Dance II1
Middle Eastern Dance1
Afro-Caribbean Dance1
Commercial Dance1
Total Units28-30

Outcome 1: Demonstrate intermediate level technique in ballet, modern jazz, and a foundational knowledge of other cultural dance traditions.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate choreography, performance and audition skills required for a career in dance.

Outcome 3: Analyze and criticize dance from historical and stylistic perspectives.