Dietary Manager Certificate

Division: Natural Sciences


The Dietary Manager Certificate is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge, skills, and experience in nutrition, food safety and sanitation, foodservice management, and operations management. The required courses prepare students for positions as dietary managers of foodservice operations in healthcare settings, such as nursing homes, long-term care facilities, senior living communities, and hospitals. This certificate requires a total of 16 units. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (16 Units):
NUTR 210 FHuman Nutrition3
or NUTR 210HF Honors Human Nutrition
NUTR 230 F Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy3
NUTR 295 FNutrition and Foods Internship 12-4
FOOD 110 FFood Safety and Sanitation3
FOOD 120 FFood Service Management3
Total Units14-16

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Develop and implement evidence-based plans to provide quality nutrition care.

Outcome 2: Apply supervisory skills for the effective operation of a food service department in accordance with organizational standards and state/federal regulations.

Outcome 3: Maintain proper food safety and sanitation practices for the delivery of quality, nutritious meals.