Nutrition and Foods Associate in Arts Degree


The Nutrition and Foods Associate in Arts Degree includes coursework that is applicable to a transfer program at selected universities and colleges in the field of Dietetics, Food and Nutrition. Within the field of Nutrition and Foods, professionals work in healthcare, education and research, business and industry. Careers are also available in government, food service management, fitness, food companies and in private practice. This degree requires completion of 18-21 units of which 9 are in required courses. Select 9-12 units from the restricted electives below so that a minimum of 18 units are completed

Required Courses (9 units):
FOOD 102 F Introduction to Foods (formerly FOOD 101AF)3
FOOD 130 FCultural Aspects of Food3
NUTR 210 FHuman Nutrition3
Restricted Electives (9-12 units):9-12
General Human Anatomy4
Human Physiology5
General Chemistry I5
General Chemistry II5
Introduction to Personal Computers4
Honors Introduction to Personal Computers
General Microbiology5
Elementary Physics4
Total Units18-21

Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of how the scientific method is used to evaluate diet and foods.

Outcome 2: Apply nutritional concepts in the planning of meals and the preparation of food.