Geology Associate in Science Degree


This Geology Associate in Science Degree is designed to introduce the student to the field of geology. Students who complete the degree will be prepared for future study in geology or related fields. This degree requires a total of 18-20 units of which 8 units are in required courses. An additional 10-12 units must be chosen from the list of restricted electives.

Required Courses (8 units):
ESC 100 FPhysical Geology3
ESC 100LFPhysical Geology Lab1
ESC 103 FHistorical Geology4
Restricted Electives (10-12 units):10-12
Organismal Biology5
General Chemistry I5
General Chemistry II5
Surveying I4
Geology of National Parks and Monuments3
Introduction to Weather and Climate3
Geology of Orange County Area2
Geology of California3
Introduction to Oceanography3
Honors Introduction to Oceanography
Environmental Geology3
Calculus I (formerly MATH 150AF)4
Honors Calculus I (formerly MATH 150HF)
Calculus II (formerly MATH 150BF)4
Honors Calculus II
Physics for the Life Sciences I4
Physics for the Life Sciences II4
General Physics I4
General Physics II4
General Physics III4
Total Units18-20

Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of how the scientific method is used to explore topics in geology.

Outcome 2: Apply geology concepts to better understand current issues of environmental and/or geologic concern.