Swiss Lathe Certificate

Division: Technology and Engineering


The Swiss Lathe Certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment as Screw Machine Operator (Machinist; Computer Numerical Control Operator) and to enhance the skills of machinists who are currently employed in the trade where Automatic Swiss Style Lathes (screw machines) are used. An Automatic Swiss Lathe type machine (commonly known as a Screw machine) performs a variety of task with one or more multiple spindles. These machines are used to produce bulk quantities of custom parts from stock metal or other materials. The Swiss Lathe Certificate requires the student to complete a total of 19 units. A grade of C or better is required for each taken. At least one-half of the units toward the certificate must be completed at Fullerton College.

Required Courses (19 units):
DRAF 101 F Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing (formerly DRAF 070 F)2
MACH 101 F Introduction to Machine Tools (formerly MACH 091 F)5
MACH 110 F CNC Machine Set-Up and Operation (formerly MACH 086 F)3
MACH 140 F Basic CNC Swiss Style Lathe Set-Up and Operation3
MACH 142 F Advanced CNC Swiss Style Lathe Set-Up and Operation3
MACH 145 F Basic CNC Swiss Style Lathe Programming and Applications3
Total Units19

Outcome 1: Demonstrate the ability to set fixture offsets, tool length offsets, geometry and wear offsets on Swiss Style Lathe (screw machine type) to manufacture parts to blueprint specifications.

 Outcome 2: Prepare a simple CNC program from blueprints for a Swiss Style Lathe (screw machine type).