Marketing Management Certificate

Division: Business and Computer Information Systems


The Marketing Management Certificate is designed for students who intend to seek immediate employment in the field of marketing and/or business, and those presently employed in marketing but seeking advancement. Graduates of this program may be employed in a number of jobs and career areas such as Advertising and Promotions Manager, Marketing Manager, Agent and Business Manager of Artists, Performers, and Athletes, Market Research Analyst and Marketing Specialist. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken. This certificate requires 31-34 units.

Required Courses (7 units):
CIS 100 F Introduction to Personal Computers4
or CIS 100HF Honors Introduction to Personal Computers
or CIS 111 F Introduction to Information Systems
or CIS 111HF Honors Introduction to Information Systems
MKT 100 FIntroduction to Marketing3
Select one course from the following (3-5 units):3-5
Accounting for Small Business3
Financial Accounting Principle3
Financial Accounting5
Select one course from the following (3 units):3
Business Communications3
Critical Reasoning and Writing for Business (formerly Writing for Business)3
Honors Critical Reasoning and Writing for Business (formerly Honors Writing for Business)
Select one course from the following (3 units):3
Introduction to Business3
Small Business Management3
Select from the following (3 units):3
Principles of Economics-Micro3
Honors Principles of Economics-Micro
Business Economics3
Principles of E-Business3
Select one course from the following (3 units):3
(See counselor for determination of correct course)
Legal Environment of Business3
Honors Legal Environment of Business
Business Law I (formerly BUS 241AF)3
Select from the following (9-10 units):9-10
Public Speaking for Business4
International Marketing3
Principles of Advertising3
Digital Marketing (formerly New Media)3
Small Business Promotions3
Principles of Retail Management3
Understanding Multicultural Markets in U.S.3
Principles of Selling3
Total Units31-34

Outcome 1: Identify the various functions (product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution) and how organizations utilize these to produce goods and services that satisfy the needs and wants of the consumer.

Outcome 2: Utilize a working vocabulary of business technology.