Real Estate Sales Skills Certificate


The Real Estate Sales Skills Certificate can help you on your journey to becoming a real estate professional. This certificate meets the minimum requirements for students to apply for a Real Estate Salesperson License with the California Department of Real Estate. This certificate is designed to prepare students to work in various real estate fields such as property management, real estate sales and leasing, or property development. A minimum grade of C is required in each course taken. This certificate requires 9-9.5 units.

Required Courses: (6 units)
RE 101 FPrinciples of Real Estate3
RE 201 FReal Estate Practice3
Restricted Electives: (3 to 3.5 units)3-3.5
Legal Aspects of Real Estate3
Real Estate Finance3
Property Management3
Real Estate Economics3
Mortgage Loan Brokering in California3
Basic Appraisal Principles and Procedures3.5
Advanced Real Estate Finance3
Legal Environment of Business3
Honors Legal Environment of Business
Business Law I (formerly BUS 241AF)
Small Business Accounting3
Total Units9-9.5

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

OUTCOME 1: Demonstrate and apply knowledge of principles, procedures, and practices of real estate sales according to the Department of Real Estate standards, and working knowledge of the regulatory compliance to protect buyers, sellers, and real estate agents involved in real estate transactions.