Research Fundamentals Skills Certificate

Division: Social Sciences


The Research Fundamentals Skills Certificate emphasizes the skills needed to interpret research data and conduct basic research in accordance with the procedures and methods of social/behavioral science. The certificate is designed for students interested in learning research skills and for those who need assistance in improving these skills for academic and/or career advancement. This certificate includes a total of 12 units, five of which are in required courses, and seven units in restricted elective courses.

Required Courses - Select one 4-unit course and one 1-unit courses (5 units):5
Elementary Statistics for Behavioral Science4
Honors Elementary Statistics for Behavioral Science
Introduction to Probability and Statistics4
Introduction to Research1
Honors Introduction to Research
List A - Select from the following (3 units):3
General Psychology3
Honors General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology3
Honors Introduction to Sociology
List B - Select from the following (4 units):4
Research Methods in Psychology4
Honors Research Methods in Psychology
Introduction to Research Methods4
Total Units12

Outcome 1: Construct a testable hypothesis and examine it using appropriate research methodologies.