Volunteer Services Skills Certificate

Division: Social Sciences


The Volunteer Services Skills Certificate offers students core courses in behavioral science, combined with at least one behavioral science course that offers service learning. The academic courses provide a fundamental understanding of human behavior. A course that includes service learning requires volunteering in the community combined with written reflection on the volunteer experience. This certificate emphasizes working directly with people in need within the service-learning tradition, and it integrates academics with practice. This certificate can enrich the service of experienced volunteers, guide those interested in volunteering for the first time and transfer students interested in teaching and social service agency work, and provide early experience in public service. This certificate requires a total of 12 units chosen from the categories below as indicated.

Required Courses - List A (select one 3-unit course):3
General Psychology3
Honors General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology3
Honors Introduction to Sociology
Required Courses - List B (select one 3-unit course):3
The Human Services3
Social Problems3
Service learning is required in PSY 219 F and/or SOC 102 F
Restricted Electives (select 6 units):6
Child in the Home and Community3
Cross Cultural Psychology3
The Psychology of Adjustment3
Social Psychology3
Honors Social Psychology
Sociology of Aging3
Marriage and Family3
Honors Marriage and Family
Drugs and Society3
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
Total Units12

Outcome 1: Explain the importance of volunteering in the community from a behavioral sciences perspective.