Literacy Program

Certificate of Completion

Program Code: 3P24305

The Literacy program is divided into three levels. Each level contains a reading, writing, speaking and listening component which allows the student to develop a complete set of communication skills that will prepare him/her for the workplace, vocational training, or success in academic programs such as GED, high school or college.

Core Courses
ABE 430 Literacy - Beginning99
ABE 432 Literacy - Intermediate99
ABE 435 Literacy - Advanced99
Total Hours297

ABE 430 36 Hours Literacy - Beginning

Designed for students with very limited reading skills. The focus of this course is on decoding skills, fluency and workplace literacy. Sight words and essential word reading are covered. (Apportionment)

ABE 432 36 Hours Literacy - Intermediate

Reading and writing preparation for the workplace or academic advancement. Emphasis on reading for information, vocabulary expansion and good communication skills. (Apportionment)

ABE 435 36 Hours Literacy - Advanced

Reading for information and academic vocabulary. Writing skills necessary for higher education and the workplace such as essays, note taking, job applications, resumes, and business writing. (Apportionment)