Fundamental Computer Concepts & Skills Program

Certificate of Completion

Program Code: 3P24414

This certificate program will prepare students to work in an entry-level office environment performing tasks such as basic data entry, word processing, research utilizing the Internet, and basic computer operation suitable for working in a business environment. Students completing this program would have the basic computer skills to be successful in an entry-level clerk or general office support position.

Core Courses
CCTR 100 Business/Computer Skills Lab36
COMP 100 Computers - Introduction36
MS 104 Windows Operating Systems - Introduction36
COMP 105 Discover the Internet36
MS 160 Microsoft Office - Overview36
MS 156 Computer Bytes18
Total Hours198
First Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
COMP 10036MS 10436
COMP 10536MS 16036
CCTR 10018MS 15618
 CCTR 10018
 90 108
Total Hours 198

CCTR 100 36-200 Hours Business/Computer Skills Lab

Enjoy free, flexible scheduling for a variety of courses: Office Keyboarding, Data Entry, 10-Key, Typing/Keyboarding for Speed and Accuracy, Windows XP, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint), Intro to Internet and World Wide Web, internet access and free email! (Apportionment)

COMP 100 36 Hours Computers - Introduction

Designed for those who know nothing or very little about computers. Builds computer technology understanding, makes one a better consumer of computers and products, and explores operation systems, software and hardware. Provides foundation for other SCE computer classes. (Apportionment)

COMP 105 36 Hours Discover the Internet

A hands-on overview of Internet concepts, Web browsing using Internet Explorer; email, newsgroups, FTP, netiquette, security issues, research, and more. Hands-on including on-line browsing. Recommended proficiency in: Introduction to Computers or equivalent. (Apportionment)

MS 104 36 Hours Windows Operating Systems - Introduction

Learn the newest Windows operating system; includes desktop and file management, security, adding hardware and software, personalizing Windows XP, making connections and communicating with other people. (Apportionment)

MS 156 18 Hours Computer Bytes

This course covers various topics for Microsoft Windows on how to buy or upgrade a computer, buy and use a digital camera, use a scanner, create a slide show, and set up a home wireless network safely. (Apportionment)

MS 160 36 Hours Microsoft Office - Overview

Advisory: Knowledge of Windows and keyboarding.

Learn the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access in one class. Topics include document formatting, working with graphics, basic formulas, queries and reports. This class serves as a foundation for other MS Office Courses. (Apportionment)