Career Exploration: Child Care Industry

Certificate of Completion

Program #3P43317

The Career Exploration: Childcare Industry certificate of completion program is designed to introduce students to the childcare industry, increase their knowledge of the available training programs, and employ the foundational skills to maximize the learning process. Students will work to evaluate their skillset, prepare for the occupation, explore the different types of childcare vocations, and increase foundational skills related to the trade.

This certificate program is designed to allow students to participate in workforce education as an initial step toward a career pathway. Completing this program can benefit students in transitioning to additional course work and attaining economic self-sufficiency with subsequent career pathways to the childcare industry, progression to certificated programs, credit, and associate degree programs.

Students can be expected to learn the following: desirable qualities of an employee, explore different work environments, employ problem-solving strategies, explore professional childcare duties and industry standards, and work to develop a work portfolio.

Successful completion of this program will prepare students for entry into the CTE Early Childhood Education Certificate Program.

To earn a certificate, students complete the required and elective courses as listed with a grade of P (pass). The exception is for WFPR 100 Career Skills and Resource Lab and/or WFPR 101 Virtual Career Skills and Resource Lab courses. If those courses are required or listed as an elective, students will not receive a grade and instead must complete at least 36 hours in either WFPR 100 Career Skills and Resource Lab or WFPR 101 Virtual Career Skills and Resource Lab. For programs/courses that allow credit for prior learning, at least 75% of all coursework must be completed at North Orange Continuing Education. (Contact the CTE Office to learn more about which courses offer credit for prior learning). 

Required Core Courses (180 Hours)
WFPR 200 Career Exploration: Childcare Skills90
WFPR 201 Career Exploration: Preparing for Childcare Jobs90
Total Hours180
First Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
WFPR 20090WFPR 20190
 90 90
Total Hours 180

WFPR 200 90 Hours Career Exploration: Childcare Skills

This course prepares individuals with the foundational skills needed for child-related careers and reviews the basis of childcare skills through interaction with children. Students study soft skills and apply them to foundational concepts and basic industry-related requirements. (Apportionment)

WFPR 201 90 Hours Career Exploration: Preparing for Childcare Jobs

This course is designed for students interested in building their knowledge of the childcare profession and preparing to transition into certificate programs or gain entry-level employment. Career preparation standards are integrated throughout the course, which includes basic academic skills and employment literacy in connection to core academic standards. (Apportionment)