High School Diploma Credits and Transfer

High School Diploma Credits

Prior to April 2010, continuing and returning students were provided the option to earn a diploma under the previous 185 credit requirement or current 160 credit requirement. Effective the 2012 Fall Term, variable credits can be assigned to new, matriculated students enrolling on or after the 2012 Fall Term. Variable credits will not be an option for continuing and returning students enrolled prior to 2012 Fall Term.  Variable credits will not be an option for the distance education diploma courses in the High School Diploma Program.

High School Diploma Program Transfer Policy

Diploma students enrolled in one of the NOCE high school labs must commit to completing their diploma studies at their enrolled lab. The High School Diploma Program administrative staff may consider transfer requests that are critical such as a legal reason for attending a different lab/center/site and/or attempting to earn a diploma at the center/site they enrolled in for other academic programs such as credit (college) and/or certificate courses. Diploma students having a critical reason for their request to transfer may contact the NOCE Associate Dean I for Basic Skills after informing his/her High School  Diploma Program instructor and/or counselor.