Student Complaint Process


The student shall resolve the issue directly with the faculty or staff member directly involved. Students who are uncomfortable speaking to the faculty or staff member have the right to have someone accompany them throughout the process.


  1. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the formal complaint process. The college has a legal responsibility to deal directly with the student. The designated complaint forms will be available in division offices.
  2. The student should contact the appropriate division/area office to initiate the formal complaint process. A signed complaint form should be addressed to the Dean or Director of the division/area.
  3. If the student feels the issue is not resolved at the division/area level, or if the complaint concerns the Dean or Director, the student can ultimately contact Fullerton College’s Vice President of Student Services or the Vice President of Instruc­tion. Both offices are located on the first floor of Building 100.
  4. The student will be notified in writing after each formal step using the designated student complaint form.