Foods (FOOD)

FOOD 060 F Foods for Fitness 2 Units

18 hours lecture and 54 hours lab per term. This course presents nutrition information to enhance knowledge about food choices. The principles of nutrition and food preparation are presented in a non-technical format. Students are able to apply new knowledge to their personal fitness, diet, and health goals. Labs include the planning and preparation of foods which are emphasized in the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. (Degree Credit)

FOOD 070 F  Nutrition Concepts and Food Preparation for Vegetarians 2 Units

18 hours lecture with 54 hours lab per term. This course is designed to develop a basic understanding of the vegetarian diet with practical applications in food preparation. Emphasis will be on the practical preparation of health-promoting food for the lacto, lacto-ovo vegetarian and vegan.

FOOD 102 F  Introduction to Foods (formerly FOOD 101AF) 3 Units

36 hours lecture and 54 hours lab per term. This course is designed to provide the student with knowledge of the fundamental scientific principles involved in food preparation, as well as practical experience in applying these principles to a wide variety of foods representative of those consumed in the U.S. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in utilizing appropriate basic scientific methodology to study the components of food and food products; and on acquiring a knowledge of, as well as applying, generally-accepted quality standards to such foods and food products. (CSU) (C-ID: NUTR 120)

FOOD 110 F Food Safety and Sanitation 3 Units

54 hours lecture per term. In this course, students will examine basic principles of food safety and sanitation applied in the food service industry to comply with state regulations. Emphasis is placed on cause and control of foodborne illnesses, personal hygiene, food processing and storage methods, general safety regulations and accident prevention. National food handler or manager certification exam will be given (CSU) (Degree Credit)

FOOD 130 F Cultural Aspects of Food 3 Units

36 hours lecture and 54 hours lab per term. This course examines food as an expression of cultural unity and diversity. Students will investigate the many cultural influences on food choices and patterns. Preparation techniques and products from a variety of traditions as practiced in the United States will be explored. This course fulfills the Multicultural Education Requirement for graduation. (CSU) (Degree Credit)