Health Education (HED)

HED 140 F Health Science 3 Units

54 hours lecture per term. Integrated lectures, discussions and videotapes are designed to study modern medical concepts. Lecture and discussion topics include personal responsibility, mental health, nutrition, weight control, exercise, sexuality, relationships, immunity, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, current health problems and health care services. Basic concepts will be presented from a holistic perspective to inform students of health issues that affect their individual lives and society. (CSU) (UC) (Degree Credit) AA GE, CSU GE

HED 197 F Internship in Health Education 2 Units

18 hours lecture and 18 hours lab per term. Professionals from the biological sciences and allied health fields will be invited for informative discussions and to answer questions in their field. Students will be assisted in selecting an area of career interest within the biological, allied health and related science fields, and will be directed to locations that will be willing to provide internships. Students will gain experience in their selected areas of interest by working in a "hands on" environment. (CSU) (Degree Credit)

David Dorado