Mindfulness (MIND)

MIND 101 F  The Practice of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion 3 Units

54 hours lecture per term. This course is designed to explore the theory, research and practices of mindfulness, self-compassion, compassion for others and the nature of well-being. This course addresses how mindfulness and compassion can manifest in the physiological, psychological, and societal realms. This course focuses on current research into mindfulness and compassion as well as developing experiential knowledge of these states through contemplative practices. Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass option. (Degree Credit) (CSU) AA GE, CSU GE

MIND 105 F Mindfulness in Everyday Life 3 Units

Pass/No Pass or Letter Grade option. 54 hours lecture per term. This course explores mindful awareness. Students will learn beginning and advanced meditation practices, the research behind mindfulness, and the historical underpinnings. The course also addresses how mindfulness reduces stress, improves attention, enhances relationships, and increases resilience. Students will demonstrate personal growth in mindful awareness and explore the biological structures that contribute to the benefits of mindfulness and well-being. Students will gain knowledge and experience with mindfulness as it manifests in the physiological, psychological, and societal realms of everyday life. (Degree Credit) (CSU) CSU GE