Social Work and Human Services (SWHS)

Division: Social Sciences

SWHS 120 F  Social Work and Human Services: Fieldwork/Practicum 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): PSY 219 F with a grade of C or better.

54 hours lecture per term. This course offers the student a supervised field experience in a community organization, agency, or institution, allowing the student to apply knowledge and learn new skills outside of the classroom environment. This field experience will be a mandatory service learning component in the course. Class meetings provide the academic element to this experiential course offering and reinforces the application of concepts. This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to develop skills that would facilitate gaining employment in human services and social work-related fields. It introduces and allows students to apply the code of ethics and to practice standards and guidelines in social work. Pass/No Pass or Letter Grade option. (Degree Credit) (CSU)