Biological Technician Associate in Science Degree


The Biological Technician Associate in Science Degree program requires a total of 18-22 units, of which 9-13 units are in required courses. An additional 5-13 units must be chosen from the restricted units listed below.

Required Courses (9-13 units):9-13
General Biology5
Organismal Biology
Genetics and Biotechnology in Society3
Biotechnology Lab Techniques2
Chemistry for Allied Health Science5
Preparation for General Chemistry
Introduction to Information Systems4
Principles of Horticulture I4
Principles of Horticulture II4
Medical Microbiology4
Technical Mathematics II3
Restricted Electives - Select an additional 5-13 units:8-9
Marine Biology3
General Chemistry I5
Applied Entomology3
General Microbiology5
Introduction to Oceanography3
Honors Introduction to Oceanography

Outcome 1: Demonstrate safe and proficient use of laboratory equipment and techniques.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate knowledge of biological processes from the molecular and cellular perspectives.