Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Certificate


The Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Certificate is designed for students who wish to obtain the skills required to gain employment in bioscience and biotechnology-influenced laboratories. Upon completion of this certificate program, students will be eligible to obtain employment as laboratory assistants, biomanufacturing technicians, or bioscience research and development technicians. The Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Certificate requires the completion of 20 units in required courses. An additional two courses (7-10 units) must be chosen from the restricted electives listed below. A grade of C or above must be earned for each of the courses.

Required Courses (20 units):
BIOL 190 F Introduction to Biotechnology3
BIOL 190LF Introduction to Biotechnology Lab1
BIOL 191 F Biotechnology A - Basic Laboratory Skills4
BIOL 192 F Biotechnology B - Protein Biochemistry4
BIOL 193 F Biotechnology C - Molecular Biology4
BIOL 194 F Quality and Regulatory Compliance in the Biosciences2
BIOL 196 F Tissue Culture Methods2
Restricted Electives (7-10 units):7-10
Genetics and Biotechnology in Society3
Cell and Molecular Biology4
General Chemistry II5
Medical Microbiology4
General Microbiology5
Total Units27-30

Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding and ability to use standard equipment, materials and techniques employed in research, clinical and industry laboratories based in biotechnology and molecular biology.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate good observational skills, ability to follow complex protocols without mistakes, ability to use laboratory math quickly and accurately, interpret experimental results accurately, troubleshoot experimental mistakes and maintain detailed and accurate laboratory manuals.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate an understanding and hands-on competency in sterile tissue culture techniques.