Radio Production Associate in Arts Degree


The Radio Production Associate in Arts Degree is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in radio broadcasting, employment in the Film industry as an audio editor and producer, employment in post-production for Film and TV, or employment within any industry requiring an audio expert, including corporate media, law enforcement and independent contractor work. This degree requires a total of 18 units of which 12 units are in required courses. An additional 6 units must be chosen from the restricted units listed below.

Required Courses (12 units):
CRTV 118 F Introduction to Radio, TV and Film3
CRTV 122 FAudio Production Techniques3
CRTV 128 FWriting for Radio, TV and Film3
CRTV 130 FBroadcast Audio Production3
Restricted Electives (6 units):6
Broadcast Advertising Sales1
Broadcast News3
Traffic Reporting3
Broadcast TV and Radio Announcing3
On-Air Radio Broadcasting3
Internship in Communications I2-4
Total Units18

Outcome 1: Compose an employment package for entry-level employment in the radio industry, production house, agency, studio or audio production company.