Radio Broadcast News Associate in Arts Degree


The Radio Broadcast News Associate in Arts Degree provides the writing, production and on-air skills necessary for the student to enter the Radio Broadcast News, Traffic Reporting, or Radio Broadcast News field where they may work as producers, writers and broadcasters of newscasts, traffic reports and other on-air content at radio stations, traffic bureaus and production houses, and allows the student to transfer to a four year university. The Radio Broadcast News Associate in Arts Degree requires a total of 18 units chosen from the list below, plus the General Education requirements for this degree.

Required Courses - Select from the list below (18 units):18
Broadcast News3
Audio Production Techniques3
Traffic Reporting3
Broadcast Audio Production3
Intermediate Broadcast News3
Broadcast TV and Radio Announcing3
Advanced Broadcast News3
Documentary Filmmaking3
Writing for Radio, TV and Film3
Total Units18

Outcome 1: Compose an employment package for entry-level employment in the radio Broadcast News or Traffic Reporting industry, broadcast entity or audio production company and may continue their studies at a four year university.