Radio and Television/Video Production Certificate


The Radio and Television/Video Production Certificate prepares students for entry-level employment in the radio/ television/video broadcast journalism industries. This certificate requires a total of 37-40 units of which 32-34 are in required courses. An additional 5-6 units must be chosen from the restricted units listed below. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (32-34 units):
CRTV 118 F Introduction to Radio, TV and Film3
CRTV 122 FAudio Production Techniques3
CRTV 128 FWriting for Radio, TV and Film3
CRTV 129 FBroadcast News3
CRTV 130 FBroadcast Audio Production3
CRTV 135 F Broadcast TV and Radio Announcing3
CRTV 150 FTelevision Studio Production3
CRTV 157 F Digital Production/Non-Linear Editing for Video/Film3
CRTV 164 F Advanced Digital Production/Non-Linear Editing for Video3
CRTV 235 FOn-Air Radio Broadcasting3
CRTV 290 F Internship in Communications I2-4
Select 5-6 units from the following:5-6
Traffic Reporting3
Communications Seminars0.5-3
On-Air Radio Broadcasting - Intermediate3
Digital Editing, Graphics and Effects3
Television Production Workshop2-5
Total Units37-40

Outcome 1: Identify key factors pertaining to the business operations of the radio, television and film industries.

Outcome 2: Compose written copy for radio, TV, film and the Internet.

Outcome 3: Produce radio, internet radio and television recordings using digital audio software.

Outcome 4: Calculate proper f-stop settings when given a written example.