Cyber Security Associate in Science Degree

Division: Business and Computer Information Systems


The Cyber Security Associate in Science Degree provides the skills for students to become highly skilled computer systems security professionals and to train individuals for entry-level positions as data security analyst, systems security administrators, and network security administrators. In this program, students will master the latest security technologies and will examine the issues of information security awareness, network security hardware, systems and network security planning and defense, network security organization, and the legal and ethical issues associated with cybersecurity. This degree requires 33 units in the major in addition to other degree requirements.

Required Courses (33 units):
CIS 107 F Introduction to Operating Systems3
CIS 109 FPersonal Computer Security2
CIS 160 F Introduction to Cyber Security (formerly Introduction to Computer Forensics)3
CIS 165 F Cyber Security and Networking and Web (formerly Computer Forensics and Networking)3
CIS 166 F Cyber Security and Operating Systems (formerly Operating Systems and Computer Forensics)3
CIS 168 F Cyber Security Software Tools (formerly Tools for Computer and Network Forensics)3
CIS 180 F Introduction to Networking Concepts4
CIS 183 FNetwork Security Fundamentals3
CIS 222 F Computer Scripting (formerly CGI/Perl Scripting)3
CIS 290 F Linux and UNIX Operating System3
CIS 171 F Ethical Hacking (formerly Network Intrusion and Detection)3
Total Units33

Outcome 1: Use a working vocabulary of cyber security terminology.

Outcome 2: Assess and implement continuous network monitoring and provide real-time security solutions.

Outcome 3: Assess cyber security risk management policies in order to adequately protect an organization's critical information and assets.