Fashion Skills Certificate

Division: Technology and Engineering

(Approved by the NOCCCD Board of Trustees. Not approved by State Chancellor’s Office. Not eligible for Financial Aid)

The Fashion Skills Certificate is designed to provide the student with a course of study leading to fast employment in the fashion apparel industry. This certificate requires 9 units, all to be completed with a grade of C or better.

Required Courses (9 units):
FASH 088 FCAD for Apparel2
FASH 108 F Flat Pattern Methods and Design I (formerly FASH 108AF)2
FASH 109 F Flat Pattern Methods and Design II (formerly FASH 108BF)2
FASH 110 F Flat Pattern Methods and Design III (formerly FASH 108CF)2
FASH 145 FField Studies in Fashion1
Total Units9

Outcome 1: Create a ten-page technical package for an apparel line.

Outcome 2: Create a five-piece outfit with five different patterns on the computer.