Patternmaker Certificate


The Patternmaker Certificate is designed to provide a course of study that prepares students for an entry level position as a professional and competent in the apparel manufacturing industry as a patternmaker or equivalent. Individuals with this certificate are able to create first and production patterns and grading the different sizes by hand and on the computer, drape designs from an image and alter apparel for different sizes. This certificate requires a total of 30-32 units. A minimum grade of C is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (24 units):
FASH 093 F Pattern Alteration and Fitting2
FASH 101 F Basic Sewing Techniques (formerly Clothing I)2
FASH 108 F Flat Pattern Methods and Design I (formerly FASH 108AF)2
FASH 109 F Flat Pattern Methods and Design II (formerly FASH 108BF)2
FASH 110 F Flat Pattern Methods and Design III (formerly FASH 108CF)2
FASH 188 FApparel Production2
FASH 190 FPattern Grading2
FASH 206 FTextiles4
FASH 209 F Draping (formerly FASH 209AF)2
FASH 211 F Draping - Advanced (formerly FASH 209BF)2
FASH 975 FPatternmaking: Collections2
Restricted Electives (6-8 units):6-8
Creative Serging - Overlock Machine2
Pattern Alteration and Fitting2
Fashion Sewing (formerly Clothing II)2
Fashion Industry Internship2-4
Total Units30-32

Outcome 1: Demonstrate the ability to create different patterns manually and on the computer for employment as a first patternmaker in the fashion design industry.

Outcome 2: Produce graded "nests" to industry specifications.