Textiles and Clothing Associate in Arts Degree


The Textiles and Clothing Associate in Arts Degree is designed to prepare students for an entry level position as a textile assistant designer creating prints in CAD and/or the field of a Fit Specialist in garment construction and alterations. This degree requires the completion of 19 units of required courses.

Required Courses (19 units):
ART 118 FColor Theory3
FASH 085 F Bridal and Special Occasion Wear2
FASH 088 FCAD for Apparel2
FASH 093 F Pattern Alteration and Fitting2
FASH 101 F Basic Sewing Techniques (formerly Clothing I)2
FASH 201 F Fashion Sewing (formerly Clothing II)2
FASH 206 FTextiles4
FASH 284 F Fashion Design (formerly FASH 284AF)2
Total Units19

Outcome 1: Demonstrate the ability of garment construction, alterations and qualifications necessary for entry level employment with fashion manufacturers.

Outcome 2: Describe and compare two methods of printing.

Outcome 3: Create a print/textile in CAD (currently Adobe Photoshop) and make a 4 way print with 2 colorways.