Landscape Design/Management Certificate


The Landscape Design/Management Certificate prepares a student for entry level positions in the landscape design or landscape maintenance industry. The hands-on classes also provide the skills necessary for self -employment in the landscape design or landscape management industry. The Landscape Design/Management Certificate Program requires completion of 30-35 units of which 6 units are in required courses. An additional 24-29 units must be completed from four categories as restricted electives. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (6 units):
HORT 153 FLandscape Irrigation3
HORT 177 FTurf Grass Management3
Restricted Electives (24-29 units)24-29
Category A (6 units):
(Students must complete either HORT 005 F and HORT 006 F sequence or the HORT 160 F and HORT 161 F sequence.)
Basic Landscape Plants I3
Basic Landscape Plants II3
Plant ID / Ornamental Trees3
Plant ID/Ornamental Shrubs3
Category B (3-4 units):
(Students must complete either HORT 165 F or HORT 200 F.)
Landscape Management3-4
Landscape Design
Category C (7-10 units):
(Students must complete a minimum of 7 units from the following list.)
World Civilizations to 1550 (formerly World Civilizations I)3
Honors World Civilizations to 1550 (formerly Honors World Civilizations I)
Plant Nutrition2
Landscape Construction3
Landscape Construction Laboratory1
Landscaping Contracting3
Advanced Landscape Design3
Diseases/Pests Ornament Plants4
Category D (8-9 units):
(Students must cmoplete a minimum of 8 units from the following)
Landscaping for Dry Climates3
Plant Identification - Annuals, Perennials and Houseplants3
Applied Entomology3
Plant Pathology3
Total Units30-35

Outcome 1: Apply horticultural concepts to real-world problems and solutions.