Ornamental Horticulture Associate in Science Degree


Curriculum leads to the Ornamental Horticulture Associate in Science Degree. This degree requires completion of 21 units of which 9 units are in required courses. An additional 12 units must be chosen from the restricted electives listed below.

Required Courses - Select from the following list (9 units):9
Landscape Irrigation3
Irrigation Principles3
Plant ID / Ornamental Trees3
Plant ID/Ornamental Shrubs3
Landscaping for Dry Climates3
Plant Identification - Annuals, Perennials and Houseplants3
Restricted Electives - Select from the following list (12 units):12
Plant Nutrition2
Landscape Management4
Greenhouse and Nursery Production3
Plant Propagation3
Turf Grass Management3
Landscape Design3
Advanced Landscape Design3
CAD Applications in Horticulture3
Total Units21

Outcome 1: Apply horticultural concepts to real-world problems and solutions.

Outcome 2: Identify plants, abiotic components, and horti­culturally-significant insects.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the biology of plants, abiotic components, and horticulturally-significant insects.