Landscape Management Associate in Science Degree


The Landscape Management Associate in Science Degree is designed to prepare students for possible careers in landscape management and/or employment in parks, golf courses, landscape contracting, and landscape gardening. This degree will also prepare the student to transfer to an appropriate four-year college or university. This degree requires a total of 18-21 units.

Required Courses - Select from the following list (18-21 units):18-21
General Botany5
World Civilizations to 1550 (formerly World Civilizations I)3
Honors World Civilizations to 1550 (formerly Honors World Civilizations I)
Principles of Horticulture I4
Principles of Horticulture II4
Basic Landscape Plants I3
Basic Landscape Plants II3
Applied Botany4
Landscape Irrigation3
Plant Nutrition2
Plant ID / Ornamental Trees3
Plant ID/Ornamental Shrubs3
Landscaping for Dry Climates3
Landscape Management4
Turf Grass Management3
Landscape Design3
Diseases/Pests Ornament Plants4
Total Units18-21

Outcome 1: Apply horticultural concepts to real-world problems and solutions.

Outcome 2: Identify plants, abiotic components, and horti­culturally-significant insects.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the biology of plants, abiotic components, and horticulturally-significant insects.