Jazz Piano Teaching Certificate

Division: Visual and Performing Arts


The Jazz Piano Teaching Certificate provides insight into playing jazz piano and the required bouquet of skills - improvisation, knowledge of voicings, rhythmic expertise in swing and Latin styles, knowledge of accompanying, familiarity with solo piano styles, and more. Through the three required courses, each pianist will learn these skills hands-on through focused and intensive courses with the end goal of expertly performing five jazz pieces in contrasting styles. Through the restrictive elective courses, each pianist chooses how to hone and sharpen their skills, whether rehearsing and performing as part of a group, expanding their knowledge of theory or history, or pursuing a specialty in improvisation. By the time they earn their certificate, the pianist will be qualified to teach a jazz-interested student. This certificate requires a total of 8-10 units of required courses and restricted electives. A grade of C or better is required for all courses taken.

Required Courses (3 units)
MUSA 202 F can be repeated three times. One unit will count toward required courses, and up to 3 additional units may be counted towards restricted electives.
MUSA 134 F Jazz Piano Technique and Repertoire I1
MUSA 234 F Jazz Piano Technique and Repertoire II1
MUSA 202 FApplied Private Instruction1
Restricted Electives (5-7 units)5-7
Jazz History - An Appreciation3
Beginning Instrumental Jazz Improvisation1
Pop/Commercial Music Theory3
Pop and Commercial Musicianship1
Jazz Combo1
Alternative Jazz Lab Ensemble1
Jazz Band1
Vocal Jazz Ensemble1
Total Units8-10

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

OUTCOME 1: Perform five jazz pieces to successfully reflect different styles including swing, bossa nova, bebop, and solo piano

OUTCOME 2: Identify and notate jazz chords, altered dominants, comping patterns, basslines, and basic improvisation.

OUTCOME 3: Evaluate, describe, and compare recordings by important jazz pianists including Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Hank Jones, and Ahmad Jamal.