Graphic, Design and Web Skills Program

Program Code: 3P32943

This certificate program will prepare students to work in an entry-level graphic design/web development position performing such tasks as editing a simple website, creating and optimizing digital images, cataloging and retrieving digital files.

Core Courses
CCTR 100 Business/Computer Skills Lab60
COMP 119 Adobe Photoshop Elements24
COMP 121 Digital Photo Albums for Beginners24
COMP 675 Digital Scrapbooking36
COMP 705 Digital Photo Restoration and Portrait Makeovers24
Total Hours168
First Year
Fall TermHoursWinter TermHoursSpring TermHours
COMP 11924COMP 12124COMP 70524
CCTR 10020COMP 67536CCTR 10020
 CCTR 10020 
 44 80 44
Total Hours 168

CCTR 100 36-200 Hours Business/Computer Skills Lab

Enjoy free, flexible scheduling for a variety of courses: Office Keyboarding, Data Entry, 10-Key, Typing/Keyboarding for Speed and Accuracy, Windows XP, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint), Intro to Internet and World Wide Web, internet access and free email! (Apportionment)

COMP 119 24 Hours Adobe Photoshop Elements

Advisory: Knowledge of Windows.

Utilize photo editing software to enhance graphic design capabilities. This class introduces tools used by professional designers in an easy to use, powerful, digital- image editing program. Textbook may be required. (Apportionment)

COMP 121 24 Hours Digital Photo Albums for Beginners

Advisory: MS 104 Windows Operating Systems - Introduction and COMP 105 Discover the Internet.

Learn how to import photos from various sources; organize and manage photos; perform basic editing functions of photos email photos and share albums; create slide shows and video CDs; and create cards, calendars, albums, and a photo book. Textbook may be required. (Apportionment)

COMP 675 36 Hours Digital Scrapbooking

Advisory: Knowledge of Windows and Photoshop or COMP 119 Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Scrapbooking is a 2.5 billion dollar industry in the United States. Computerized graphic design is dramatically transforming the industry. Digital scrapbooking skills are important for anyone working in the graphic design field. Learn the design essentials of professional digital scrapbooks, hardware and software requirements, and the creation of graphic elements. (Apportionment)

COMP 705 24 Hours Digital Photo Restoration and Portrait Makeovers

Advisory: COMP 119 Adobe Photoshop Elements and knowledge of Windows.

For photographers and scrapbookers who want to advance their skills to repair old photos and touch up portraits. Topics include repairing scratches and tears on old photos; fixing hair, teeth, skin, red eyes, and blemishes; enhancing photos; combining images; creating backgrounds and frames; and selecting photo papers. Textbook Required. (Apportionment)