Disability Studies (DSST)

Division: Counseling

DSST 120 C The History of Disability U.S. 3 Units

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 100 C or ENGL 101 C or ESL 110 C.

Term Hours: 54 Lecture. This course places the experiences of people with disabilities at the center of the American story. It portrays a new perspective on familiar stories, as well as discussing new experiences (e.g. ableism and oralism). This course covers topics including models of disability, technology, rehabilitation and employment, and laws and movements that shaped the disability experience. (UC/CSU, AA GE, CSU GE, IGETC, SOC JUST)

DSST 150 C Disability Prsp. of Inc. Educ. 3 Units

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 100 C, ENGL 101 C or ESL 110 C.

Term hours: 54 lecture. This course will journey through the experience of students with disabilities in higher education. It will explore the instructor perspective, including how they accommodate and communicate with students. (CSU)

DSST 200 C  Introduction to Disability Studies 3 Units

Advisory: ENGL 100 C or ENGL 101 C.

Term hours: 54 lecture. This course provides students with an overview of the Disability Studies field. Students gain introductory knowledge about disability as a social, cultural, historical and political phenomenon. Students learn varying disability definitions, cultural meanings and representations, social justice and human rights issues, and current bioethical debates related to disability. (CSU/UC, AA GE)