Social Sciences (SOSC)

SOSC 295 C Research Methods-Oral History 2 Units

Same as HIST 295 C. Term hours: 18 lecture and 54 laboratory. This course introduces students to the special techniques of tape-recorded interviews to document 20th century history. Areas of study will include interviewing techniques, historical editing and transcripts of interviews. This course does not satisfy General Education requirements in Social Science. (CSU)

SOSC 298 C Social Sciences Seminar 0.5-12 Units

Prerequisite(s): May be required.

Corequisite(s): May be required.

Advisory: May be required.

Term hours: 0-216 and/or 432 laboratory depending on units attempted. This is a lecture/discussion type course developed on a particular limited problem or topic of interest to students. It is designed for able students who wish to increase their knowledge of a particular topic concerning which no other regular class is offered. A paper or group activity may be requested. Credit may range from 1/2 unit to 12 units. Consult class schedule for the offerings a particular semester. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade option. Fees may be required-Payable at Registration. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)

SOSC 299 C  Social Science - Independent Study 1 Unit

Prerequisite(s): Approved Independent Study Learning Contract

Term hours: 18 lecture. This independent study course is for students who wish to extend their knowledge of a particular area through individual research and study. It is thought that topics might develop out of a curiosity stimulated in a regular class. The student would then contact the supervising instructor to develop a contract for his/her particular interest so he/she could learn more regarding their special topic. May be taken for credit 4 times. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)