Social Sciences (SOSC)

SOSC 298 C Social Sciences Seminar 0.5-12 Units

Prerequisite(s): May be required.

Corequisite(s): May be required.

Advisory: May be required.

Term hours: 0-216 and/or 432 laboratory depending on units attempted. This is a lecture/discussion type course developed on a particular limited problem or topic of interest to students. It is designed for able students who wish to increase their knowledge of a particular topic concerning which no other regular class is offered. A paper or group activity may be requested. Credit may range from 1/2 unit to 12 units. Consult class schedule for the offerings a particular semester. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade option. Fees may be required-Payable at Registration. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)

SOSC 299 C  Social Science - Independent Study 1 Unit

Prerequisite(s): Approved Independent Study Learning Contract

Term hours: 18 lecture. This independent study course is for students who wish to extend their knowledge of a particular area through individual research and study. It is thought that topics might develop out of a curiosity stimulated in a regular class. The student would then contact the supervising instructor to develop a contract for his/her particular interest so he/she could learn more regarding their special topic. May be taken for credit 4 times. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)