Matriculated Student Responsibilities

All students shall be required to:

  1. Identify an education and career goal
  2. Diligently engage in course activities and complete assigned coursework
  3. Complete courses and maintain progress toward an educational goal and completing a course of study
  4. Complete a comprehensive educational plan after completing 15 semester units of degree applicable credit coursework or prior to the end of the third semester of enrollment.

Non-exempt first-time students shall, within a reasonable period of time, be required to:

  1. Identify a course of study
  2. Be assessed to determine appropriate course placement
  3. Complete an orientation activity provided by the college
  4. Participate in counseling, advising, or another education planning service pursuant to section 55523 to develop, at a minimum, an abbreviated student education plan.

For further information regarding the above Matriculation information, contact the Matriculation Coordinator at (714) 992-7245.