Student Fees

  • Fees are subject to change
  • Fees are payable by check or credit card

Returned checks must be paid in the form of cash or money order, and a $25 service charge will be added to the amount owed.

All checks returned for “Stop Payment” will also be subject to the $25 service charge. A student’s enrollment at Fullerton College as well as his/her credit may be affected.

A.S. Benefits Validation

See “Student Activities.”

Campus Photo ID Card

All students are strongly encouraged to purchase a campus identification card. This card serves as positive photo identification for the Library, the Admissions and Records Office, various labs, the Bookstore, and other needed areas/services. A current Schedule/Bill and valid picture ID is needed at the time of production and/or validation. The charge for a Campus ID Card is $3.50. All ID cards not picked up by the last day of the semester purchased will be voided. Replacement and voided Campus ID cards are also $3.50.

Course Fee

These fees are noted in the class schedule.

Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee is $46 per unit. This fee is subject to change by legislative action.

Health Fee

All students who enroll in classes through Fullerton College are required to pay a $21 Health Fee per semester ($18 for the Summer term). This Health Fee entitles students to a variety of health services. Health Fees are charged to all students whether or not they choose to use health services. Courses taken off campus, online, and during the weekend are also required to pay the Health Fee.

Any student who depends exclusively on prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona-fide religious sect, denomination or organization is exempt from paying the health fee. Upon request, the health fee will be refunded to any student who drops from all courses prior to the 10% date of the length of the course.

Non-Resident Tuition Fee

All non-resident students will be charged $331 per semester unit for the 2021-2022 school year as well as an additional charge for capital outlay of $57 per unit.
Note: All non-residents must also pay the enrollment fee and health fee.

Non-Resident Capital Outlay Fee

All non-resident students will be charged a capital outlay fee of $57 per semester unit for the 2021-2022 school year. Note: All non-residents must also pay the enrollment fee and health fee.

Parking Fee

To park on campus, parking permits can be purchased:

$40 ($20 during Summer Term) Auto
$20 ($10 during Summer Term) Motorcycle
$30 ($20 during Summer Term) Students with CCPG Fee Waiver

Parking fees may be paid during registration. A limited amount of metered parking is available. For additional information, see “Parking” under “College Policies.”

Student Representation Fee

The $2 Student Representation Fee is a voluntary $2 donation collected at the time of registration for each enrolled student for the purposes of providing student governmental affairs representatives the means to state their positions and viewpoints before the City, County, District, State, and Federal governments as well as other public agencies. One dollar ($1) will go to Associated Students to fund advocacy efforts to Federal, State, and Local governments for student leaders and student representatives on behalf of Fullerton College students. The second one dollar ($1) will go directly to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC), an organization of state legislators and representatives, including the Board of Governors, and Associated Students delegates from all of the California community colleges. The SSCCC hosts a general assembly annually and is made up of ten regions with student representatives from all 113 community colleges in the State of California.

Transportation Fee (OCTA Pass Program)

Fullerton College students ride the OCTA for a discounted fee. Ride the OC Bus to school, work, shopping, the beach–wherever and whenever you want. Associated Students supported this partnership with OCTA to implement the Fullerton College Pass Program.

Full-time students will pay $5.75 and part-time students will pay $5.00 for the entire semester. If a student were to pay market value for an OCTA bus pass, it would cost $46 per month and $184 for a semester.

Veterans Fees

For the purposes of Title 38, Public Law 115-407, any student utilizing Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation)  and Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®) at Fullerton College is not charged late fees, upfront fees, nor is registration withheld for any tuition and fees covered by the Veterans Administration (VA).