Automotive Chassis Specialist Certificate

Division: Technology and Engineering


The Automotive Chassis Specialist Certificate will provide the student with entry level employment skills needed in the area of automotive chassis repair. A student can seek employment in new car dealerships, specialty repair shops, and franchise automotive repair facilities with the theory of operation and repair skills addressed in these three required courses. This certificate  requires a total of 22-24 units of which 20 units are in required courses.

Required Courses (20 units):
AUTO 065 F Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems5
AUTO 073 FBrake Systems Repair7
AUTO 083 F Brake and Suspension Systems Repair8
Restricted Electives (2-4 units):2-4
Automotive Specialty Practice2
Internship in Automotive2-4
Total Units22-24

Outcome 1: Inspect automotive chassis systems for faults, measure components, compare measurements to specifications, and propose corrective actions to be completed.

Outcome 2: Identify and practice safe work habits when using tools and equipment in an automotive repair shop.

Outcome 3: Using a vehicle repair order, explain and record the chassis inspection and repair procedures performed in compliance with automotive industry standards.